Morocco’s Atlantic coast

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Up to Tangier Tan-Tan, Morocco’s west coast offers miles of beaches succession, a city of flashing white, sandstone cliffs and simple people who live and hospital resources muhit al-atlasi as it is known in the world Arabic to the Atlantic Ocean.

be included in the usual package tours, which usually contain a more or less hurried by the imperial cities, the villages and sites along the Atlantic coast of Morocco welcomed, year after year, to a greater number of visitors. Such is the case of Asilah, a town a few kilometers from Tangier Portuguese masonry tower whose contrast with the houses of the medina with a deep blue sky.
Asilah is charming, quiet, cosmopolitan and traditional, white, Indigo … Its proximity to the Tangier has become a popular destination for those who have only a few hours to make contact with Morocco and, indeed, is the ideal place for a first Rendez vous with the North African country.

Asilah can go to enjoy a good plate of fish or shellfish. From a humble serving of sardines to a lobster, the freshness is guaranteed, “La Palmera” or “Casa Pepe” whose names are remnants of the Spanish Protectorate, are perhaps the best addresses in the city to eat, but most find that deserve to enjoy a good mint tea in the street that runs parallel to the walls of the old medina. During summer nights, this area of the city is bustling with the movement of tourists, street vendors and patrons to light up the candles that barely sizzling on the terraces. Asilah was walking in a sigh, and its stillness seems to invite us to enjoy more relaxed, unhurried, listening to the conversations of the old fishermen along the rusty cannons that once defended this former Portuguese enclave that he was Spanish.

Moroccan Tajine por mallix.

Rabat is another thing: is the capital of the kingdom and it shows, but this has to abandon its rabatíes savoir vivre, and that makes people worship, tolerant and extremely nice. Less busy to Casablanca, Rabat offers its visitors many attractions, including the Kasbah of Udaia, a fortified white Recoleto neighborhood that rises on the coast and where we stop if only to enjoy the unsurpassed horn gazelle, a Moroccan traditional fresh, light and flavored with orange blossom selling its Andalusí Garden, a splendid terrace, very popular with the local population from which it provides a magnificent view of the city and the mouth of the Bu Ouad Regreg.

We cannot leave without visiting the nearby Rabat Salé, a small town atmosphere with people from that provided for a beautiful view of Rabat, Hassan tower with monitoring the city skyline.

If we continue our journey south we will reach the beautiful town of Essaouira (in Arabic “The well-built”), where the smell of wood mixed with yours vaharadas of iodine and salt from the ocean. This city is more popular with each season surfers, who have found their sales on open beaches and an ideal place to ride the waves. In Essaouira we cannot lose its fishing port, a boat full of blue, and the hustle and bustle of the fishermen who come and go loaded with mackerel, octopus, crabs, conger, mackerel, sardines … Together with the port were built a dozen food stalls that prepare the seafood with just the touch of brasa convince that to the best gourmet.

A specialty of the artisans of Essaouira is the cabinet made of wood with you we will find thousands of examples of the many shops that sell this type of delicate work. The perfume of yours pervades the city, competing with the sea in the wind intensity.

But the evening is the time that the senses receive impressions of Essaouira, where the inhabitants of the town gather in the walls that separate “The well-built” from the sea to enjoy the sunset, that’s when one understands the true meaning the title of that book of Paul Bowles: “The sky protector.

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