Milan by night

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Although fashion, worldwide, is its appeal vox populi, Milan has other attractions for those who have been summoned then, of course selecting one of the hot hotel in Milan. We cupe today the task of intoxicated in a tour night for a place that confronts us with its vast array of places to for fun.

Sightseeing and nightlife in Milan:

It is no coincidence, as the Italian city of great importance to be named European capital of fashion (home of the most coveted designers), business, industry and the economy with his bag in the downtown . Now there are things that the city shows in their geographical environment and also taking into account the minimum requirements of the city to revisit this reason today we compete: the nightlife of Milan. Where bars, pubs and nightclubs are waiting with open doors. It just takes us to begin our journey, walking the streets Milanese, or above any means of efficient transportation.

Milan by night

If we feel Milan for a day, could encourage a passegiata; What is this almost ritual? Very simply dressed with expensive clothes and go outside to walk the streets with the task of showing to others. A kind of glamour on display that may like or dislike.

And to start the night when the moon appears in its dark sky, nothing better than sitting on one of the many restaurants, store energy that we need then, as it moves out. If there is hunger can start the tour visiting a bar. These venues usually are filled between 18 and 21pm. When people end their workday, like an aperitif.

If we could ask for a lid. Surely help us to recoup this initial dose of alcohol. The bars bidders for this program are to: Dieci Corso, Victoria Gattopardo cafe and coffee. Each one located in any area of the city, and established a profile in generating turnout.

But to proceed. And the evening begins to move, and appetizers make good drinks. Also, the music starts playing. At this point we are able to say that the main areas of focus of the nightlife of the place are: around the Brera Gallery, and the Navigli area. These are the two teams in a city that can hardly sleep peacefully.

The Bloody Beetroots por ferology.

The streets of Milan:

Jazz, live music and chords of a local group fed the bustle of the Milanese night. These from eleven in the evening until four o’clock expect hundreds of bars and witness of those nights almost endless.

It is worth noting that in this Trail where you walk through these areas of Milan is «high class» image is important that we decide to show the rest. The appearance is undoubtedly one of the exclusive grounds of these sites, where fashion and finance are the topics most sought after.

Without clutch, who do not feel in tune with the status of these pockets of high society, can be tested with the attendance at social centers. Here the fun through the enjoyment of an alternative show: theater, cinema and concerts. For naturists who grow wild vegetarian diets and activities, there are also fun. Bars lines with this tradition add to the evening agenda.

But it’s time to dance, and nothing more functional than visiting the clubs in the city, there are several options for all tastes and all pockets. Those with attitude for the techno and house can attend Viale Umbria. Those who hold most exquisite tastes may be your lucky day in Hollywood Rythmoteque. With minimalist decor, also offered as an alternative Shocking Club. And to top the list, we danced on the slopes of Propaganda and Alcatraz.

What remains ahead the entrance to Rolling Stone and Magazzini Generali. The body, perhaps you need a break, but the mood of the evening invites us to continue. We are now in Nausicaa, moving to the rhythm of hip hop. It is late but full of nightclubs lie public, where the progression of time seems not to care.

It is time to stop the march. For this, we propose an infusion, sitting on a table space outdoors. A hot coffee, a little jazz and rest, because Milan will not sleep and there are many sites that await our next visit.

So go to the hotel away!.

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