Memories of World War II – four tours around the world (Part II)

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Berlin: tries to forget

Without leaving Berlin, there are numerous monuments erected in memory of the disaster. Although Germany has removed all traces of this dark and shameful chapter of its history erased from the streets and squares throughout nomenclature referring to Nazism, there is a small area on the Berlin Wall, known as the “Topography of Terror”, which houses a series of illustrations that reflect a summary of the atrocities committed on people during the Nazi period. Some illustrations that anticipate what the visitor can be found within the Foundation Center, under the same name, has been built on the site of what once was the headquarters logistics of the Gestapo and the SS and eventually opened in 2010.

Memories of World War II - four tours around the world (Part II)

Photography by jamiejohndavies

Even today, a checkpoint in the middle of Berlin difference between east and west and if you’re lucky, may even see a soldier standing guard on each side. This is the “Checkpoint Charlie”, reinstalled in the city ten years after the collapse of the wall as a reminder of the critical point at which hundreds risked their lives seeking to flee the GDR.

But if you are looking for a huge and spectacular monument, then we must seek the 19,000 m2 of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial. Located near the famous Puerta de Bramdemburgo 2711 and composed of concrete blocks, this monument represents the contrast and loss of contact between the order transferring the grid configuration blocks and human reason, represented in the disorder between them and their proportions.

The Arizona is still sunk in Pearl Harbour:

A sunken ship remains on the coast of Hawaii. This is the USS Arizona, 1,177 soldiers grave (in total 3,478 people were killed) and current official memorial in remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbour in conjunction with another boat museum also included, the USS Missouri. Unlike the latter, which remains in good condition, the sunken USS Arizona is several meters below sea level and only the flagpole remains visible. It is in this fact lies their charm, and the monument itself consists of a bridge built in 1962 anchored the battleship allowing visitors to inspect from the same perspective from which the Japanese bombs were falling.

Memories of World War II, four tours

Photography by jebvision

There is a central area with seven windows in memory of the day of the attack (December 7, 1941) from which you can see the ship in great detail and oil stains off or “tears of Arizona.” The visit is free and is on a tour of a museum in “mainland” to then conclude with a trip on a boat authorized by the United States Navy to reach the USS Arizona. Most of those who died during the Japanese attack rests today in the Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific, in Honolulu.

Hiroshima: The eternal martyr

Hiroshima was the first city in the world whose civilian population has suffered the devastating consequences of the atomic bomb. Specifically 140 000 people were killed after the launch of the projectile on August 6, 1945 the “Enola Gay”. With a radius of 1600 meters of total destruction, all the buildings were razed. All except one. Although all the innocents who were inside were killed instantly, an exhibition center known as the Dome of Genbaku able to stand at only 150 meters from the crash site. Today this building is the main attraction of the entire Memorial Park Hiroshima Peace, an entire area of downtown that has been converted into a zone of peace, tranquility and memory.

Memories of World War II

Photography by eugeneflores

Near the Dome of Genbaku is the Monument to the peace of the children, a building shaped paper sculpture in memory of the children born died in the attack on the initiative of the companions of a girl who suffered the contagion the pump radiation, ten years later, dying of leukemia. In the same park, a fire known as the Flame of Peace claimed the complete disappearance of nuclear weapons. Until there is a complete nuclear disarmament, the flame will remain lit.

Love and Peace!

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