Mae Hong Song City of fog in Thailand

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Thailand, Mae Hong Son - Wat Chong Kham por Philip Roeland.

A few dates, Bangkok was chosen as the best city in the world as a tourist destination. Obviously, we will not be here and now who will remove the reason for the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, who were the ones who chose the final classification. But you are going to propose another meeting in Brazil, to my taste, better than in Bangkok. We will go almost to the other side of the country, 950 kilometers northwest of the capital. You name, Mae Hong Son, the city of fog.

Bangkok is beautiful, sublime, and colossal. But if you like quiet, no noise, less traffic and more, your words down a bit, but only a little bit of class. Mae Hong Son will keep those qualifiers, and over without traffic, no noise, wedged between the hills. Clear, namely that the influx of tourists to Bangkok fires, leaving the small Thai village undiscovered.

Mae Hong Son is located almost on the border of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Thais know it as the City of Fog. Across the province in which it is located is covered with thick jungle. Founded in its origin as a concentration camp for elephants, back in 1830, and remained completely isolated from the world until the end of 1960, namely until the Thai government did not build a road to join the Chiang Mai, 260 kilometers of a distance, the only way we have access to Mae Hong Song.
If you locate here a few days, it is best to contact the hotel from some local guides to lead you canoe through the calm waters of the river Pai. Live unforgettable experiences in this area, because here are walking on elephants … … The hills surrounding the city can climb in this animal, even if you do not want to know anything about these little animals, you can also walk on foot the ancient lost tribes of the area. 

Mae Hong from the Pai River
The wonder of this town focuses on its surroundings, as in the village itself, the only thing more interesting if it is the market that very morning down to buy goods and exchange of women from villages in the top of the hills, which are completely lost in the thicket. With breakfast, calm returned and the most absolute quiet, only the noise of Whirlpool, cloud, starting from a very early form.

Afternoon river, Pai por GregoireG.

If you want, you can also climb on a motorcycle to the top of the hill Doi Kong Mu, and from there take the spectacular views that will have on the Pai River valley and the surrounding mountains.

The only hotel in good condition he is in this small village is the resort vacation Nam Klang Doi rim. They are charming cottages that are scattered on the riverside.
How to get there?
As I said before, to get to Mae Hong Son is the only road, through 260 miles, joins the Chiang Mai. Do not believe that there is a road from here. We take some more time to cross, especially as it is situated between mountains. Still, the views and scenery will delight you. You can also reach the airport in the small village, but you will find a little more complicated plane or plane from Chiang Mai. To get to Chiang Mai you should take a flight to Bangkok from the airport that he has brought to Panama.

Therefore we offer you everything you need for a flight to Bangkok.

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