London and its attractions

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One of the major cities of Europe, the capital of England and the United Kingdom and, after Paris, the second largest city in the European Union.

Where to Stay?
In London there are numerous hostels and hotels where you can find accommodation in addition to apartments for visitors seeking independence.

How come?
London has six airport to travel to the rest of Europe and the world: Heathrow (parents for international travel and the most widely used in Europe and is located 24 km from the capital), Gatwick (the second most important, is scale of low cost and is 48 miles south of London), Stansted (this airport is principally a domestic flight but also dedicated to international flights of low cost airlines like Ryanair and is 56 miles northeast of City), Luton (as above also dedicated to domestic flights and international flight low cost and is 56 km north of the capital), City (devoted mainly to travel by private jet and is located 10 miles from central London), and finally Southend (was created as a military airport and managed a few international flights also is the farthest it is located 64 km east of the city near the coast).

Besides airports, London has a railway network connected to the rest of the country, Europe and airports. It has 50 stations spread throughout the city.

How do I move?
For the city can move in different ways. London has a network of Metro ( “The Tube”) which was the first to be built in Europe and today is one of the longest and largest and consists of 274 stations, divided into 12 lines and occupies about 408 km line. It is possibly the best way to get around the English capital.

In addition to the subway, you can get around by taxi and that is the most appropriate means if you have luggage but is considered a very expensive means of transport. Besides the famous black cabs (black cabs) taxis can be green, pink, yellow or blue.

London also has buses to get around the city while enjoying it.

What to see?
London has numerous places to see. No doubt the quintessential monument of the city is the famous Big Ben, the name is known to the Clock Tower and the bell of the Palace of Westminster, the largest of the bells that are within the building or forming part of Great Clock of Westminster. The tower is located on the northwest corner of the headquarters building of the two Houses of the British Parliament.

You cannot leave the city without seeing the Tower of London, one of the most beautiful and enigmatic buildings in the city. This monument was the residence of kings, prison and strong defensive among other things, also is surrounded by the River Thames. Contains the collection of jewels of the British royal family.

Another landmark is called the London Eye or Millennium Wheel (‘London Eye’). This fantastic treadmill offers 30 minutes experience in the hills with beautiful views of the city and major monuments. In addition it also has a circular cruise from the foot of the London Eye to the Parliament and the Tower of London.

One of the most important squares of the city’s Trafalgar Square, located in central London and built to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar in which the British Navy defeated Napoleon’s troops.

Another unique monument is Westminster Abbey, a Gothic church the size of a cathedral. It is the place for the coronation or funeral of the English monarchs.

Another monument that cannot be missed is the so-called Tower Bridge. It is a drawbridge that crosses the River Thames and is located near the Tower of London.

Buckingham Palace is one of the most important places in the English capital. It is the British monarch’s official residence in London. Initially a small hotel built for the first Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and was later acquired by King George III in 1762 it became a private residence.

Another important monument is the Cathedral of St. Paul built between 1676 and 1710 and on the ruins of another smaller cathedral. He was one of the few buildings that survived World War II and lived important events for the country as the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana of Wales.

Windsor Castle is another landmark of the city and one of the official residences of the British monarchy. Castle is one of the largest and oldest. It is located in the valley of the River Thames. It was built in 1070, this castle has also been the scene of many important events in England.

For lovers of art, London has several museums and numerous but may include the British Museum. It is the largest museum in the United Kingdom and one of the most famous antiques from all over the world. Contains more than 7 million objects from all continents and has the largest reading room of the British Library. The section has in Egypt is the largest in the world after Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

Besides all this, London has many parks and places worth visiting.

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