Lodging alternative: another way to experience the holiday

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Accommodate many tourists traveling in a different way to ensure an exotic vacation and alternatives, performing extreme sports, excursions to exotic locations and seeking alternative accommodation.

another way to experience the holiday

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Call it bohemian, strange, funny or crazy, but there are sites that break the general rules, harboring unusual spaces in unorthodox places that give a different touch to the holidays, either for lack of money, in some cases for those who prefer a cheaper trip after a long journey, but in other cases, is simply to give an informal touch to your holiday special.

One option that has been very successful are the huts by the sea. These are composed of fresh bamboo and thatched roofs, following the models of traditional huts of tropical beaches. These are far from luxurious accommodation, but still have all the benefits that a room has, in some cases, own bathroom. Many beaches in the Caribbean can find these informal cabins at moderate cost, being the most luxurious on the coasts of Colombia and Panama. More options can be found on the beaches of Asia such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, being a very good option to enjoy nature and the best views of the sea without having to stay at a luxury resort.

Accommodate many tourists traveling

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Another natural alternative is to stay in small houses submerged in tropical forests, surrounded by lush vegetation, these apartments are perfect alternative for those who love (literally) the nature, feeling like living like a true explorer in the midst of jungle. The most viable options are in Malaysia, Brazil and Nepal.

Another type of accommodation, not so exotic but different, stay in the homes of families willing to open their doors to travelers, offering bed and board. This approach has grown tremendously in recent years, spread in many cities around the world, especially in most European countries, U.S., South American countries and Asian countries such as China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Just simply look at the sites of Hostelling International or close the Homestays and there you can find a wide range.

Another type of alternative accommodation

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Another type of alternative accommodation with a good ecological pathway is hosted in the eco-hostels. These consist of traditional sites, with the same benefits of any hostel, simply because every action it comes to saving and ensure an improvement for the environment.

This is done through the use of solar panels for energy, instead of using electricity, water saving tip, use of services and fully natural and local products, to ensure ecological balance without damaging the environment of other animals, preserving nature in a different way. Ideal for fans of Greenpeace and the natural preservation of the World. In India, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, the United States and Central America, Spain and Egypt among many others.

If you find yourself with little money in his pocket, but you want to travel without having to pay too much, a good idea is to work in exchange for room and board. While this sounds a little crazy, you will discover that there are companies that handle contacts present families, hostels, boats, among other options, who need help to keep your business or home and offer travelers the opportunity to work for them room and board in exchange for policyholders.

This swap can be done by internet, where you must point within the company, paying only a membership equivalent to a low amount of money (usually around 20 euros in the equivalent of two years of membership) and begin searching for the ideal site wherever you travel and stay. There you will see the complete profile of the owners of accommodation, what are the limitations, photos, locations and descriptions. It is certainly a good way to make a budget holiday and alternatives. The most common offerings are in countries of Europe and Oceania.

Finally include the most bizarre form of alternative accommodation. As in times of our childhood when we used to dream of a great house in a tree, we can once again enjoy this option but we are older.

Alternative solution for their travel

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The Tree Houses are cheap that are on the trees fulfilling the dream of everyone who longed to spend a night inside a house in the trees. This option can be seen on the beaches of the Philippines and parts of Europe and very cheeky enough, these hostels are usually found no vacancies, given the originality of the stay. A dream comes true, no doubt.

In conclusion, these options are obviously special hostels for those who do not have the money to stay in the hotels of high performance and seek an alternative solution for their travel, making your holiday, a different experience.

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