Landscapes and gastronomy in Malaga

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In Malaga the sun and sea dominate everyday life and also the visitor. Situated between the mountains and the sea, the view of the Mediterranean is present in many aspects from the activity of its inhabitants and it is almost impossible to escape its influence. Some of the best pleasures that can be enjoyed in the capital of the Costa del Sol are at the seashore.

Malaga to Gastronomic routes

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Malaga to Gastronomic routes:

However cliché it sounds, eating sardines and other seafood almost a foot of sand is possible in Málaga (capital) and many of the villages close to a very affordable price. In the city’s most famous restaurants to eat pescaito found on the promenade of Pedregalejo. The tour passes by the beach, where we can also see the seines, typical fishing boats on the Málaga coast and have been recovered thanks to the implementation of the races in seines.

The best dish of sardines can be eaten in spring and summer when the fishing season opens sardines on the coast of Malaga. The best and indigenous are of medium size, rather small, much more flavorful than the large ones that are served at other times of year and come from other fishing grounds.

On the same trip recently opened bars aimed at young people where you can enjoy a coffee, cocktail or a combination to the seaside or inland, in a relaxed atmosphere and music.

In this scenic and gastronomic tour of Malaga, we can not miss the castle of Gibralfaro. Its name dates back to ancient Phoenician construction, on which Yusuf I of Granada built the castle, where there was a lighthouse. The castle was very important during the reconquest of Ferdinand and Isabella, who inflicted heavy siege to conquer the city. Like many of the castles of the Mediterranean coast, one of his best qualities are the current views of the city provides. In fact, along the road that goes up it can halt at a viewpoint that overlooks the arena, the center of the city, the Malagueta beach (the most central of the city), but also the port and beaches Pedregalejo Huelin and extending in opposite directions of the Malaga coast.

Landscapes and gastronomy in Malaga

Photography by Bogdan Migulski


At the foot of the mountain is the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre.

The Citadel is one of the most representative monuments of the city. It is a palace fortress built by the Muslim rulers of the city during the eleventh century.

The Roman theater is located at the foot of the Alcazaba. It was discovered in 1951 when he was building a garden for entrance to the Casa de la Cultura. The theater dates from the reign of Augustus and was used until the third century. Then, the Muslims did serve as a quarry of materials for the restructuring of the Alcazaba.

Go for tapas in the center of Malaga:

Calle Molina Lario is one of the main historical center of Malaga. The Constitution Square and the famous Plaza de la Merced, where is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, are essential reference points for exploring the old town. It is recommended that a visit to bright sunlight, to enjoy the atmosphere of terraces and power lost in the ancient streets of the ghetto or picked up at Manchester Cathedral, known as ‘La manquita’. The nickname is due to its asymmetry, since one of its towers was never finished. Historically it has been said that was never completed because money intended to complete the tower was used to fix roads and Velez Antequera, although there is a more romantic version that refers to a diversion of funds to cover the war for American independence.

It is advisable to stay at a hotel in Malaga during the visit of the city, because if we have to move to one of the towns in the province we can not enjoy the nightlife and tapas bars in the center where you have a good selection bars where to go and make a path through the center of the city.

Recommended sites:

- La Campana (The Bell), a bar decorated in the traditional pub is located in calle Granada, in the heart and you take a pescaito caps before continuing your route.

- Cortijo de Pepe is undoubtedly one of the obligatory stops. It’s in the Plaza de la Merced and have some tapas and good quality meat Highly recommended!

-La Casa del Piyayo, also on Calle Granada is one of the best tapas places in Malaga, adobo and squid are delicious.

- The cellar The Pimpi, is a good place to take a Cartojal (sweet wine) or beer, has an incredible collection of photographs of celebrities who have passed through the area and has become a tradition for anyone who comes to town for the first time.

Gastronomy in Malaga

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Bon voyage!

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