Lake Baikal, the pearl of Asia

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The Lake Baikal is a beautiful lake located in southern Siberia in Russia, is also known as the “Blue Eye of Siberia” or “Pearl of Asia”, Lake covers an area of 31.494 km ², is considered as the largest lake in Asia’s freshwater and is the deepest in the world for its depth reaches 1.637 meters.

Lake Baikal contains 20 percent of the world’s fresh water and is formed into a deformation of the earth’s crust consists of three underwater depressions and estimates the origin of its formation between 25 and 30 million years.

The landscape surrounding this beautiful lake is breathtaking, surrounded by mountains and the lake there are 22 small islands, the water volume of the lake is fed by 330 tributaries, some of these tributaries are unfortunately causing pollution of its waters.

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The lake has a rich biodiversity that is the main tourist attraction of the lake, in addition to its incomparable beauty and its hot springs.

Part of the Trans-Siberian train journey, which is the most important of Russia, bordering part of Baikal, which is experiencing its northern end and that connects the north shore of the lake, on the Siberian train tourist attraction is used by many travelers who seek to know the inside Russia, the tourist will enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes around Lake Baikal, in the stretch by the passing train, Lake Baikal is a beautiful place that attracts tourists from around the world The lake is a paradise for tourists who enjoy being in touch with nature, the location is ideal for outdoor sports like water sports, mountaineering and hiking trails differences around the lake, can also take beautiful photos of landscape, which are just extraordinary.

The Baikal is home to the only freshwater seal, the Nerpa, nobody knows how to get this species to the center of Asia, as their relatives living in the north pole, this animal is highly prized by people who love animals. By the ecological importance of the lake was declared a natural biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1996.

The waters of Lake Baikal, are known for their crystal clear, these are due to the absence of mineral salts and their high level of oxygen that makes it possible to observe an object 40 meters in depth.

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Lake Baikal covers diverse areas, diverse landscapes, from the dry climate of the steppes, rugged cliffs and virgin forests. For the Baikal area, you can go hiking, sport routes are considered the best in the world, travelers will be fascinated by the beauty of bridges, tunnels, viaducts and enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna of the lake.

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