Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

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Sometimes nature offers us amazing places, places that we are beyond our knowledge, had never heard mentioned until you see on TV or a friend tells us. And in general, tend to be places that, by its root unknown perhaps increase its charm, as well as the beauty in themselves have. Today we will visit one of those places where nature displays its splendor. We are close to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

How to get there?
Lake Atitlan is two and a half hours drive from the capital of Guatemala. Arriving at the airport in the capital, we will move to the city of Antigua, where there is direct link to Panajachel by bus, but the journey is made by mountain roads, so the trip will last a little longer.

Chicken Bus on Lake Atitlan por Georgia Timewell.

Lake Atitlan is simply one of the most beautiful of Nature. Is in the department of Solola, and is 26 kilometers long and 18 wide. Occupies the place where formerly stood the figure of a dormant volcano 300 meters high. The depth of the lake is variable, depending on the locations, although the area is estimated at over 350 meters deep. At his side, to give more visibility to the whole stands volcanoes Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro, in addition to being surrounded by a series of small towns.

The lake takes its name from the Mayan word Atitlán, which means the place where the rainbow takes its colors. The villages that surround it are usually people of Mayan origin. Visitarlo es conocer un poco la cultura de esta región, poder conocer los productos típicos mayas, su artesanía, sus costumbres. Today, Lake Atitlan is the main source of tourism in this area. But not only that, but to give sustenance to the land that needs to cultivate its soil beans, tomatoes, onions, squash, avocado, green chile, coffee bean and pitaya, a fruit very common in these areas.

Since 1955, Lake Atitlan and its surrounding area is a huge national park. It is common to see in the vicinity of the lake for tourists to canoeing, boating or traveling. All these activities may engage in the nearby town of Panajachel. It is where we find our hotel, the place of rest, travel agencies, bars, etc …

A more relaxed atmosphere and a sailor is found in almost any of the villages that live around the lake. They are accessed by boat across the lake in just 15 minutes or on a large barge, where we explain the history of the lake, volcanoes, all within one hours travel. We can take the boats on the jetty of Panajachel. But with the current Ojito Xocomil, one noon, when the hot winds from the south are hit with the cold air arriving from the highlands, because they are then Remolinos in the lake and turn into strong waves.

Lake Atitlan por Lake Atitlan.

A magical place, a jolt of nature worthy of mention and see. Visit Lake Atitlan is close to the Mayan culture, see how the inhabitants of the villages that surround wearing their traditional costumes of bright colors, people are friendly, charming. At the foot of the port, children will receive a flood of vessels in order to sell handicrafts to the site.

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