Key West, a favorite haunt of Hemingway

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Former refuge of pirates, fishermen, traders and treasure hunters, Key West is now a corner of paradise on earth where time stops still to celebrate the magic moment of sunset.

Key West, a favorite haunt of Hemingway

Photography by Mangrove Mike

Better known to locals as Southernmost point of the United States of America, Cayo Hueso or Key West is the southernmost United States, which overlooks the still-mythical and distant island of Cuba.

Everything is quiet here, is as if time had stopped somewhere far from this place, known as Gaius or prolongation of the peninsula of Florida. This place is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. The American writer Ernest Hemingway alternative shelter adopted it as his beloved Finca Vigia and lived there for nine years of his life, in which he wrote some of his most memorable novels.

As for food, say that being here you can eat a delicious bowl of lobster and crab (crab variety typical of the area.) As for the different water activities in the area is recommended to dive in the Dry Tortugas coral reef, the third most important ecological reserve in the world after Australia and Belize, with over 300 species of fish. Also being here you can try to make a risky parasailing (a form of gliding over the sea) in the Gulf of Mexico for more adventure, visitors can sail on a catamaran that transports us to sail the high seas, to reach the famous reserve of sharks and where there are all kinds of fauna and flora.

The favorite haunt of Hemingway

Photography by Carl Lender

To get to Captiva Island, we find that this small island holds an exclusive residential area of mansions, all with private beaches. The place welcomes you with a kilometer-long stretch of stunning beaches of fine white sand, the whole landscape is Caribbean.

On the site you can see the characteristic pink flamingos, they occupy a special place in this state, which incidentally is the bird that represents the state of Florida. Nearby you can see all kinds of vegetation that welcomes you to breathtaking mansions overlooking the clear warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Key West also has its shrimp fishing season, which is present in summer and in which the laws governing fishing by each boat in order to preserve the species, other animals and which ones can still Here are the manatees, these are animals that are found in rivers and are extremely quiet. To learn more about the flora and fauna of the State of Florida, nothing better than going to places of conservation, these places are known as Everglades National Parks.

trip to Florida

Photography by Lisa Sanderson

Have a good trip to Florida!

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