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Since Dr. Livingstone conducted their first trips by black Africa, to which Karen Blixen wrote his legendary novel “Far from Africa,” many things happened on the African continent. However, books such as the Karen Blixen inspired such beautiful films like “Out of Africa”, which show a live Kenya, sublime, ethereal, magical. Many of us fall in love this piece of land watching the adventures of Merryl Streep and Robert Redford in cities such as Nairobi or Mombasa. Although we cannot forget the stories of Ernest Hemingway, in his journey through the natural parks of Amboseli and the Seychelles islands.

In Kenya there are fifty parks and reserves, of which only half are well equipped in terms of accessibility and tourist facilities. Seven of these sites are marine reserves, designed to protect the beautiful landscapes and coral reefs off the coast of Kenya. Of 35,000 km2 are currently protected and the Kenyan government is considering the creation of new reserves and natural parks to protect more area.

And we cannot forget that Eastern Africa is the continent’s highest mountain. Kilimanjaro or “Kili” as they call him, stands a mighty my 5894, with its snowy summit, is a unique setting for many photographs. This mountain can be seen from the pool of Amboseli in Kenya, although in reality it is in Tanzania.

The main attractions of Kenya are the landscapes and animals, so most visitors come to do some safari. The reserve of Masai Mara pets is considered the best for observing animals in large herds and one of the best in terms of variety. Amboseli Natural Park, one of which inspired Hemingway to write “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” is a good choice for large numbers of elephants and the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. However, the preferred view is better than rhinos are close to Tsavo West National Park or Lake Nakuru. Another of the exceptional nature reserves to see animals in their habitat is the Meru National Park. Tsavo is by far the largest park in Kenya and covers an impressive area of 20,808 km2 and extends along 214 kilometers. There Tsavo West and Tsavo East and are separated by the highway from Mombasa. It was the first national park was established in Kenya and it was in 1948. It found the majority of wildlife, including herds of buffalo, and it also abounds birds around rivers. Its main asset is the vast expanse that is because there is plenty of animals, as it is in Amboseli and Masai Mara. This National Reserve has an area of 1800 km2 and represents the image of Eastern Africa through film. The landscape consists of large savannah and acacia forests, cut by two rivers which cross the Mara and Talek.

Mara Park is the greenest of all Africa, due to the rains, which in this area are in abundance. Many consider it the best pool of animals of Kenya and the world’s largest animal is between July and October, when the Nus and zebras move from Serengeti Mara. In this reserve we can also rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals Silver backs, giraffes, hippos and even larger crocodiles. In total, there have been some 95 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles in the Mara, as well as 485 species of birds. Amboseli National Park, covering an area of 392 km2, has the unmistakable frame the beautiful Kilimanjaro. This reserve is very threatened by grazing of the Masai tribe, despite the agreements reached in 1977. Here you can find animals like Leopards, buffalo, giraffe, horse bites, elephants, storks, the Taveta Golden Weaver, cranes and waders.

As in the Meru National Park, saying that in 1989 received the Cataloging dangerous, so before going to him is better to consult your travel agent. If after all this is an adventurer decided to do a safari in Kenya, said that prices for two weeks on safari, range between 1,500 and 12,000 euros, depending on the expedition and luxury that is required. The type of safari is the most popular tour in micro van, with escorts, the major parks and reserves with accommodation in hostels reservations permanent shops, such as the Mara Intrepid or the Governor’s Club in Masai Mara both.
How to join the Safari?
Some tours combine land transport plane with small tours to cover more distance, but this increases the price of the trip. There are also versions of safari tents, which are much cheaper, although less luxurious. In stores lost privacy, as there may be four people in the store, but is won in touch with nature. It visited Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The City of Nairobi:
It has one million inhabitants. Is in an intermediate zone between the Masai and Kikuyu territory. The city today retains its colonial layout on both sides of the avenue Keniatta. Official languages in Kenya are Swahili and English, although many ethnic languages are spoken. The climate is temperate in Nairobi in any season and temperatures range between 10 and 25 º C.
Places to visit:
Conference Center of Kennyatta, is the tallest building in Nairobi with 28 floors. It houses a conference room, the second largest in the world. The city view from the top of the building is its main attraction.

City Hall, City Hall built by the British and that can be visited.

National Museum, Museum located on the hill, a section of downtown. This museum seeks to reconstruct the identity of the country and its ancestral roots. The ground floor is devoted to stuffed animals. The upper gallery contains exhibits showcases the techniques, styles of dwelling, musical instruments, ornaments and jewelry, cultural objects and Magic of the various ethnic groups in Kenya. On the ground floor: living room sets prehistoric remains found in archaeological excavations in the country. Museum Hours: 9:30 am to 18:00 pm

Bomas of Kenya, opened in 1972, he can see the different habitats reconstructed traditional Kenya. The place is known by the tribal dances are performed twice daily.

Uhura Park is Central Park and along Uhuru Highway, on its southeast side. With green grass, forests and tropical flowers it, aside from a pond where you can take a ride by boat.
City Park. It is a water garden, pond with water lilies, fish and frogs, exotic plants, especially orchids.
Snake Park, Snake Park, opposite the National Museum. Copper-mamabas, Snakes, Pythons, Snakes of the Eastern Africa, with over 200 species in total. Crocodiles and turtles have also.

Nairobi National Park, located 8 km from the city center. With an area of 114 Km2, is the oldest in Kenya since it was created in 1947. Decided its creation after World War II, to protect animals. Its proximity to a big city gives him a unique and requires taking precautions such as fencing the northern limits, thereby prohibiting access to the capital to the species that cause a danger to the population. Inside the park there are different environmental media, such as the savannah, acacia forests and vegetation drier. In the park you can find lions, giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, ostriches and lots of antelope. Best times to visit are dawn and dusk.

The Animal Orphanage is a place to pick up lost or abandoned animals. Also those who are destitute or wounded in the jungle. Some of them later returned to the jungle.
The Karen Blixen Museum, is the restored house and property that once belonged to the Danish writer Karen Blixen, better known as Isak Dinesen. It displays memorabilia of the writer. Located next to Karen College. Entry 50 shillings. Open daily from 9:00 to 18:00 h.
The Langata, giraffes Center is located only 18 km from the city and provides the opportunity to interact face to face with Africa’s highest mammal. With a lift it can feed the giraffes. Is near the shopping center Hardy Estate in Lagante, and entry costs 50 shillings.
The market Gikomba / Lhandies Mawe, extends through the Nairobi River via a bridge precarious. This market is full of sound and animation and is the largest in Nairobi, although this market is dangerous if not accompanied.
Kenya is a unique place in the world and not only for its scenery and its many animal species, but also for its people, for their scent, by his magic … Once you have visited Kenya, and cannot be erased from your memory.

Africa is mystical, wild, is a sweltering inferno, it is a photographer’s paradise, the adventure of a hunter, we have wild adrenaline inside.

Tourist sites in Kenya

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