Kenya – The country cradle of humanity

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Kenya or rather the Republic of Kenya is a country in eastern Africa. The country is known for its history, culture and wildlife. A trip to Kenya will take you to explore the country, its culture, traditions and natural wonders. Kenya is surrounded by Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and the Indian Ocean. This country has been called “the cradle of humanity” by anthropologists, as the country has been the scene of numerous archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of human civilization nearly 20 million years ago. Kenya has a long history of colonization.

If you are planning to come on holiday to this exotic country, then it is advisable to have the tourist information, and allowing you to move around the country in a safe and smooth.

One must have a valid visa and a passport to enter Kenya. You should contact the Kenyan embassy for details on visa procedures.

A large number of ATMs in Kenya for the convenience of international travelers. Credit cards are widely accepted in Kenya. If you are carrying a traveler’s check, then you need not worry as they can be exchanged at banks in the country. Are advised to travel light to Kenya. One has to pay an excess baggage if the baggage limit is more than just setting the standard, which is 33 pounds per person.

Travel to Kenya is not at all difficult. A large number of international flights to Kenya from a large number of countries around the world. Inside the country, one can travel by train, car or bus. You can rent cars and drive to different parts of the country. Driving is on the left in Kenya.

Medical service is good in Kenya. However, the medical providers do not accept payment through insurance companies. Therefore, one should carry enough cash with you. We must carry the necessary products such as flashlights, sunscreen lotions, tablets for malaria, piles, walking shoes, binoculars, basic medical equipment and insect repellent.

Tourist sites in Kenya:  
Tourist sites in Kenya has become a major tourist destination in the world in recent years. A There are many tourist sites in Kenya, which are visited by many tourists to this exotic country each year.

Kenya is home to a large number of parks, wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and a host of other attractions which are worth visiting. Kenya is particularly known for its many parks, forests and wildlife sanctuaries. These parks and sanctuaries are home to numerous animals and birds, such as cheetahs, elephants, lions, tigers, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos, bison’s, horses, yaks and other wildlife. You can also find a large number of birds such as eagles, hawks, owls. Some of the various parks that are worth visiting are the National Park Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Kakamega Forest Reserve, the National Park Arabuko-Sokoke, Haller Park and others. Apart from these, one can look at the exotic marine life in the Marine Park and Mombasa Watamu National Marine Park.

Apart from these, the beaches on the coast in Kenya also served as the country’s tourist sites. These beaches are regularly visited by many tourists. They serve as a perfect place for sun and a host of other water activities like snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing and more. Shel Beach in the town of Lamu is one of the most popular beaches in the country. Other beaches that serve as popular tourist sites are those in Mombasa, on the island of Kiwayu, Malindi and others.

The country also has many lakes and natural wonders, which attracts many tourists to this country every year. Some of these popular attractions include Lake Victoria, Taita Hills, Lake Baringo, Lake Elmenteita and others. Mount Kenya is also one of the major tourist sites in the country. Other popular sites include Lake Turkana in Kenya, Lodwar, Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen Museum, Paradise Lost Cave, Ruins Minarani the Kongo Mosque and many more.

Tourist sites in Kenya are limitless and are a delight for travelers who come to this country for a vacation.

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