Japanese Cuisine

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Today we will travel to Japan for a gastronomic route and get to know its rich national cuisine has evolved over the centuries. Today the Japanese chefs are considered wise teachers of the culinary world as they master the art of seasoning, quality and presentation.

Japanese Cuisine

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One of the most famous dishes of Japan is sushi, prepared a dish based on rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, fish and seafood. There are different versions of sushi as maki, futomaki, hosomaki, Kappamaki, Temaki, uramaki, Oshizushi, nigirizushi, Gunkanzushi, Inarizushi, Chirashizushi, Edomae chirashizushi, Gomokuzushi and Narezushi, to name a few.

It is also worth highlighting another of the most emblematic dishes. We refer to Sashimi is a dish made with seafood and fish served sliced parties. Another recipe that you should certainly try the sukiyaki, a dish of meat and steamed vegetables, which may be accompanied with tofu, soy sauce and egg.

For its part, the gyoza is a small sandwich as a kind of fried pie made with puff pastry base and filled with minced meat and vegetables. Usually flavored with soy sauce. Importantly, although the origin of this dish is Chinese, more popular in Japan.

On the national drink of sake it is that is a wine made from fermented rice based and has a 15% alcohol content, and which is usually consumed as a tea in the company of the food.

Typical dishes from Japan

Photography by avlxyz

Typical dishes from Japan:

Many of the dishes of Japanese cuisine is made on the basis of raw fish. In this regard we must speak of sashimi, one of the most famous Japanese delicacies. This is a dish made based on raw seafood (either fish or seafood) that are cut into slices. Usually accompanied by wasabi or soy sauce. Additionally you will that is considered as a side dish or plate entry and not as second.

Then we mention the world famous sushi, which as you know also prepared based on fish and seafood, served with rice.

Another very popular dish in Japan is the Champon, which is a kind of noodle soup. If you intend to travel to the city of Nakasaki prove you can not stop because it is considered one of the typical dishes of the area.

We must also emphasize the Okinawa Soba, another noodle soup or broth very popular, especially in the town of Okinawa.

the Okinawa Soba

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Importantly, the majority of Japanese cuisine has dishes like rice, fruits and vegetables, seasoned with soy.

Finally we tell you that Japanese urban food also has a great role and emphasize the dishes based on fried and grilled meats.

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