Jamaica, to the rhythm of Reggae

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By Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, reggae made Jamaica a country known worldwide, also offers destinations Caribbean white sand beaches in a friendly and joyful.

“The land of forests and water” is the literal meaning of Xaymaca, the name you know the Taino, the native people who lived in this unique island when it was discovered by Christopher Columbus on May 4 of 1494. After many years of Spanish domination in 1655 was conquered by the British who introduced the planting of sugar cane. For cultivation, the large landowners put slave labor from Africa. These Africans, most migrants from India and China were the ones who shaped the real Jamaica “for many people, a people,” reads its motto, which reflects the Jamaican society and culture.

Is its capital. Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains is a very lively city is also the city’s largest English-speaking Caribbean.

In the National Gallery presents a part of the history of Jamaica through many paintings and sculptures. Devon House, a historic mansion, the National Dance Theater Company or the Blue Mountain coffee plantation. Yes, Kingston is a city of monuments, and neither is any of the towns of Jamaica, but it offers a good range of leisure, where, of course, cannot fail to attend a reggae show.

Jamaican Food Sampler (photographer unknown) por RasMarley.

It is located west of Jamaica and is a paradise destination. Beautiful landscapes in the form of white sandy beaches and a length of 11 kilometers. They just get more fun and entertainment. Its coastline cliffs and cut by water transparent colors Magic’s offer spectacular sunsets.

Ocho Rios or Eight River
Located in the heart of Jamaica is the greenest in the country, your garden, and certainly the most tropical of the whole island, with waterfalls and Dunn’s River, with exotic gardens and Shaw Park Gardens or the forest Quebrada as fern. ¿Remember that scene from the first agent 007, when he saw a Sean Connery Ursula Andress emerge from the water? Well, that part of the movie was filmed here.

Montego Bay
It is the place chosen for the hotel complexes and therefore the most tourists Jamaica. Here you can find everything from hotels to colonial family, from golf courses an exquisite beach…

South Coast
Is the most savage of Jamaica. Hardwood forests that we put into the deepest nature. Georgian architecture of cities such as Black River, Lover’s Leap, or full of cliffs and waterfalls. In the South Coast will be unforgettable experiences all related to the natural life, from spotting crocodiles, catch a grip, people eat fish at port or sail boat on the rivers.

Reggae Falls - Jamaica por amataiclaudius.

Port Antonio
Here Errol Flynn lived for years among palms and orchids, including tropical fruits and flowers. The ideal location for exploring the Blue Mountains or diving at Blue Lagoon. Here are also the Somerset Falls are a beautiful waterfall.

All Jamaica is filled with all the color and smell of nature. Experiences that are flooding our senses and invite us to live as true explorers. Tourism is a different, yes, but rich in sensations. For those who like ecotourism, Jamaica is an ideal place.

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