Ireland: The kingdom of castles

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Trim Castle por Nydialy.

Undeniably one of the main attractions of Ireland focuses on its architecture, characterized by beautiful medieval fortresses. These are huge stone castles, scenery worthy of any fairy tale, which even has made numerous scenes in films and have been chosen as important part of weddings.

With these architectural treasures, this beautiful country of northwestern Europe, not only dazzled by these pleasant landscapes, but that just gives us a multitude of attractions and historic buildings where a large part of Irish culture. These stunning works are spread throughout the country, and some of the most charming.

To enter this world of kings, queens and princesses can engage tourists visit the ancient ruins of ancient castles, or as a second option, visitors can stay in some of these buildings that were harvested and converted into five luxury hotels stars. The offer is varied and very attractive, but when put together an itinerary can be recommended especially some of the key points that will help unlock this fascinating historical legacy, beginning with the Trim Castle, the largest and most important country to Over a few centuries.

Following this walk through the “Middle Ages”, fifty miles southwest of Trim is situated the town of Clare, along with Leap Castle, known as the building, according to popular legends, has more ghosts and spirits throughout Ireland . He says many visitors to this enchanted castle during walks mysterious heard moans and cries at night especially, and who have seen the lights in the upper windows of the building.

Another is to Charleville Castle, which is surrounded by ancient woodland of about 700 years and is known worldwide as one of the oldest enchanted castles of Ireland. It was built by Charles Bury, they say the bad tongues was a devil worshiper, and believed that his ghost still walks on the catacombs and the castle towers.

Charleville Castle por Flash This.

If these mysteries become somewhat gloomy, the best decision is to go to the nearest walk of Leap, which is Birr, located in what is the exact geographical center of Ireland. Birr Castle was the seat of O’Carrolls, but they were outlawed in 1620. Although it remains impressive, some of its main attractions are not given by the construction itself, but, first, for its gardens which have a display of magnolias is the largest of the country. Apart from flowers, Birr has become very popular because of that boasts a “Great Telescope”, which was built in 1825 and until 1917 was the largest in the world, with a reflector of 183 cm.

Birr Castle - July 09 por marina0195.

It’s time to head for a new county, Antrim, where the first stop is usually the Dunluce Castle, located in the popular north coast. The incredible rock crowned with the castle originated when the sea made a deep cut in the rock on which clashed. This castle had the first occupants MacQuillan family and then the inhabitants were MacDonnells, though it was eventually taken by the English in the sixteenth century.

In the same county can be visited Carrickfergus Castle, an original feature of the landscape that represents over 800 years of military power. Its construction was started by John de Courcy, conqueror of Ulster in 1180, and remained strong until 1928. This Castle was besieged by the Scots, Irish, English and French, and was the scene of high adventure, which today can be seen as epic, even to the 2nd World War.

Returning to the trip, the itinerary can go through the County Fermanagh. There, next to the River Erne, Enniskillen Castle is located. This monument was built almost 600 years ago by Gaelic Maguires, and had great strategic importance throughout its history as it watches one of the few steps towards Ulster. Thus, during the seventeenth century became one of the strongholds of the British, and later served as army barracks.

Carrickfergus Castle por kpmarek.

Another of the most visited places by tourists in Ireland Kilkenny Castle is located in the eponymous town of Kilkenny County. Was originally the residence of the Butler family, formerly Fitzwater. Today is in the hands of the state and houses part of the Art Gallery. It also has beautiful gardens located in ornantales wel, side facing towards the city.

After this tour is the feeling that all these castles in Ireland still seem to pay tribute to those people of other times. This journey is to enter a past that catches us between these incredible buildings that still seem locked dark secrets, stories of love, power, betrayal and enigmas.

Good Travel to medieval Ireland!

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