In the land of Teruel

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Cimadevilla desde El Rinconín, Gijón, Asturias, Spain por leedixon.

A journey through some of the most beautiful towns of Aragon!

The journey we have quoted is incurred by the city of Teruel and continues through the towns of Mora de Rubielos, Andorra and Calanda, to finish at Alcaniz. It’s a perfect way to perform in winter to enjoy the snow. Teruel is drawn along its 14,804 square miles of beautiful landscapes, where they can envisage a variety of aspects: from the mountains of Albarracín the olive growing region of Alcaniz. No doubt the beautiful scenery there is no shortage in this province.

Teruel A characteristic feature is its gastronomy. Its cuisine and wines is the kind of food appropriate to the climate of the region. Thus, there is plenty of fat and meat, and in rural areas the staple food is pork. Their hams have a very distinguished reputation, and its exquisite flavor derives from the way they are cured. The wines that can taste are strong, rugged and high alcohol content. As we see the kitchen of Teruel is overwhelming, since with it the Teruel have to cope with the harsh winters of the earth.

The city of lovers and the Mudejar style:
Teruel is a place where you can enjoy the Moorish art, hunting, fishing, winter sports and the ceramic tradition, of which there are beautiful specimens in the Provincial Museum and private collections. If the visitor wants to taste the best the city must go to the church of San Pedro, where you will find the chapel of Saints. It is a mausoleum built by Juan de Avalos.

Tourists can see that art is clear Mudejar defining the urban landscape of the locality. Some of the jewels of this style are the cathedral, formerly Santa Maria de Media Villa, built in the twelfth century, or the parish of St. Peter, which emphasizes the ornamentation of its brick tower. Another important point is the tower of San Martín. The square tower of the church of La Merced is another example of Hispano-Muslim movement s. XVI.

The art of the town of Mora de Rubielos:
After leaving the city of Teruel, we enter Rubielos Mora. Visitors can enjoy the wonderful gothic castle located on the slope of the Sierra de Gúdar and other wonders as ex-collegiate church of Santa Maria, the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Loreto and San Roque.

The visitor has a lot to enjoy in this town, as well as its renowned landmarks, around there are beautiful landscapes. Not surprisingly, the territory of Mora de Rubielos is occupied by forest formations covering about 10,504 hectares. These forests are comprised mostly of species like maritime pine, Corsican pine and black pine.

Lovers of nature, and clearly have here an undiscovered treasure, not to mention also are abundant summit grasslands, scrub pads, juniper and some stands. Among the fauna, on the other hand, there are some endangered species, particularly birds of prey and some higher vertebrates such as the otter.

Mora cannot leave without enjoying its rich cuisine based on local products such as cereals, legumes, vegetables, pork, lamb and rabbit … Ham is one of its most popular products, warehouse and ham with protected designation of origin.

En una calle cualquiera.. por Sagittas!.

Andorra is a place for devotion. Andorra’s population has maintained its deep industrial future and its traditions. One of its main attractions is the Holy Week, we live with great devotion and enthusiasm. When the holiday arrives, the villagers are witness to an emotional procession on the morning of Good Friday. The highlight of it is undoubtedly the “Christ of the Drums”.

Andorra was settlement of Iberian culture, therefore, the visitor has the opportunity here to admire other remains of settlements such as the Cape or the Cabeco Royo. Nor should leave town without visiting the parish church of the Nativity of Our Lady of the seventeenth century Renaissance church and a beautiful example of Mannerism Aragon, or the shrine of Pilar, a jewel of Gothic Levantine.

Calanda, municipality of Bajo Aragón. Calanda is located in the region of Bajo Aragon and is internationally renowned for its traditional festival of Easter. During this celebration, visitors can participate in the popular “path from the drum and the drum”.  Calanda is also the ideal town to enjoy an excellent food. Typical dishes include garlic soup and lamb to posterity. As for the desserts, has an extensive and delicious variety of desserts made from almonds, walnuts or coconut.

Calanda - Rompida de la hora por Antonio J Perez.

Alcaniz, is one of the largest cities in Teruel. The city of Alcaniz is the second largest population of the province of Teruel, with almost 15,000 inhabitants. For Alcañiz major tourist routes pass the “route drum Easter,” or the “route of the Three Kings,” which shares with the towns of Tortosa and Morella.

The town celebrates its patron saint from 8 to 13 September, but throughout the year there are numerous excuses to visit the city, the celebration of Easter (with the rousing procession of sealing the tomb “and the release of pigeons in the arcaded square the same Easter Sunday), Feast of St. George, or the famous “Grand Prix Automobile Alcañiz City.

Alcañiz is a city full of history and art with a rich architectural heritage in the buildings that stand as significant as the Calatravos Castle, built by the Arabs in the twelfth century on the hill of Pui Pinos, and reformed along ever. From it stands its Romanesque chapel, the cloister proto-Gothic and Gothic donjon. You cannot miss the former collegiate church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its bell tower of the fourteenth century, the fish market and the City, true jewels of Gothic civil architecture, as well as the many churches of the population.

a bailar por valdurrios.

Alcañiz is without doubt the best place to end this route for Teruel, a route which, in addition to the above, you can enjoy the snow every winter provides the province with a landscape without equal.

Bon Voyage!

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