Hong Kong: Where to stay and eat?

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Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of China has, since the same, until 1997, was a British colony. In this region, especially China as applicable administrative and economic system quite different to that applied in other Chinese cities, which has allowed Hong Kong to experience strong economic growth, political and social.

New Year travel to Hong Kong & Bangkok

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With the growth that this region of China has experienced in recent years, the same infrastructure has also grown very significantly, making this city a great attraction for thousands of tourists who choose it as their favorite destination every year.

The city of Hong Kong has an abundance of hotels, hostels, pensions, etc., Of all types and levels, ensuring that any tourist who arrives in town to find a site that perfectly suits their particular tastes, needs and economic possibilities.

The first time you go to Hong Kong, choose some questions that will be needed to meet your travel needs can become somewhat cumbersome, as the choice of hotel or a restaurant, mainly due to the problem of the large language barrier that exists , so we will give some useful advice and will recommend some hotels.

The language barrier:

Although Chinese is a very difficult language to speak, in addition to that it has no resemblance to the English or Spanish, is very difficult to communicate with any local person who does not speak any of the last two languages named. However, in almost all hotels and restaurants in town, there are employees who speak English fluently and some speak Spanish that well, so that such establishments will be no language problem.

An interesting fact is that anyone can also contact one of the many offices for the guidance of the tourists that are found throughout the city, which will be assisted in everything they need, and if they wish and can afford it, can hire an interpreter to accompany them during travel.

To choose a site in which to eat:

Chinese cuisine is very special, so if you go to a local restaurant, the flavors of the dishes are quite different from those we are used, so it is advisable to contact some international cuisine restaurants, as well as China to offer dishes on their menus also offer other types of dishes, increasing the chances of finding something that is more suited to Western tastes.

It was way too hot to sit out in the open

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Some of the best restaurants in the city are the Gateway, the Regal Riverside, Intercontinental Nobu restaurant and Novotel Century Hong Kong.

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the hotel where you will be staying:

The location of it, because you have to treat it is close to a few points of interest, and also moving because of its proximity several means of transport, since they will greatly facilitate mobility throughout the city.

Some recommended hotels in Hong Kong:

Bridal Tea House Hotel:

This is a hotel with 2 star rating, which has been designed and built especially for tourists and business travelers. Prices of rooms in the same starting from $ 52.

Bonaparte Hotel By Rhombus:

Category hotel is a 3 star is located in Wan Chai district. The interesting thing about this hotel in particular is that although it is one of the cheapest in the city in its category, it has very modern equipment in all rooms.  Prices of rooms in the same starting from USD 48.

Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel Hong Kong:

This hotel is a 4 star category, which is located in the region of North Point. It is on a heavily traveled tourist area, so the area around it are full of establishments is very interesting for tourists. Prices of rooms in the same starting from USD 61.

Langham Hotel Hong Kong:

The Langham Hotel Hong Kong is one of the best hotels in the city, therefore, one of the most expensive. This hotel offers 5-star category every imaginable amenity for its guests, both in regard to equipment and facilities. Prices of rooms in the same start at $ 269.

Langham Place Hotel, Mong Kok

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Good luck in your journey!

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