Hollywood, Walk of Fame!

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The glamor of the Walk of Fame
First is the enormous amount of people passing the road that surprised many of them tourists with the camera in strings. Stores and shops of souvenirs, all relating to film, stretching the sides. Under our feet that some sidewalks are punctuated by the golden stars that we have seen so many times to sign artists who are awarded them. 2500 stars in total. But be careful, do not dry looking soil, because when you lift your head like you’re surrounded by soldiers of the Imperial Wars or Superman and Batman will have a photo to a demanding change of a dollar … or Marilyn, or Charlie, or and many others.

Kodak Theater and Mr. Oscar
Located next to Walk of Fame is known for being the venue for the Oscars, where they put the red carpet for the Gentlemen actors make the traditional walk before removing their statuettes. Just go to some really great marble stairs and on each side plate with a film awards each year, and some of the most famous Oscars.

The Hollywood Entertainment Museum
In the same walk of Fame, this museum is dedicated to some of the most famous films and series. They can see the sets of series like Cheers, that famous bar, or the cockpit of the Enterprise, hear the voices of Walt Disney and others, and even admire the costumes of famous films.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 to 18 h.

Curves Hollywood Bowl
If you want to shoot the letters that are on the hills of Los Angeles, from Hollywood, it’s the best viewpoint in Hollywood Bowl, but a warning: getting there is difficult because the signs are very bad. If you go by the 101, looking out at Hollywood Studio Museum and from there will go into the Hollywood Bowl.

Captain Theater
Its facade is reminiscent of the movie mid-twentieth century. It is an old palace from 1926 that is located on the Walk at number 6838. Directly across the street there are stairs that access to a large shopping mall whose terraces are great views across the avenue.

Anyway, just a tip … if you do not like the movies, not go to Hollywood because he has nothing more to do and no more fun than trying to recognize scenes from movies in every corner, the place to find that one day we saw in the big screen and to think that one day not too distant future, we too were there.

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