Hawaii, the paradise island

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Hawaii does not need to advertise, because their name is synonymous throughout the world of earthly paradise. In the midst of the largest ocean on Earth, this volcanic archipelago is a true gift for the senses.
Thousand years before Columbus, a handful of Polynesians aboard skiffs fragile fiber plant began searching for the place where his residence located mythology of the gods: the farthest place from land on the planet, the place where their souls would return after death to live in a perennial peace and joy … Hawaii.

Four thousand miles from anywhere really changed the nature of their pace and manner. Animal and plant species came almost by accident, probably at a rate of one every ten thousand years, and the fertile volcanic soils casting roots, nest and reproduce. The place was more suited to life in the archipelago are eleven of the thirteen climates in the world. Within minutes we go from the snow-capped mountains to tropical rainforest, through lava fields, active volcanoes, meadows and coral sand beaches.
With this prodigious variety of ecosystems, it is not surprising that the islands have an amazing biodiversity, are evidence of this’ official symbols Islanders’, including the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, a small fish as much fun as your name and only in these islands, like the Hawaiian Hibiscus or Hawaiian goose. As flagship of the marine fauna of the waters of the archipelago have the huge whale Yubarta, called by the natives Kohola kuapi’o.

Hawaii is composed of nineteen islands and atolls spread over 2,400 kilometers. The major ones are located southeast of eight islands and Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Hawai’i (Hawaii). Much of the Hawaiian territory (just over 1300 miles) is in intimate contact with the sea, forming some of the most beautiful beaches and spectacular in the world. But what is the best beach in the place with the best beaches on the planet? Impossible to answer.
If you like remote places, untouched and with a touch of extravagance, might be left overwhelmed by the Green Sand Beach Papkolea, a place of undeniable power and scenic black volcanic rock that hosts a dark green sand beach.

Also surprising is Kiholo Bay in the northwest of the island of Hawaii, a place where fresh water and ocean are mixed up in a maze of black sand beaches, palm trees and prairie where grazing herds of wild donkeys!!.

Equally attractive are the natural pools of Kapoho, which offers protected ocean Recollects bathrooms, also in Hawaii, or the breathtaking Halawa beach on the island of Molokai, guarded by massive mountains covered with forests. 

No less impressive is the Polihale beach, the longest of the archipelago: 27 miles of white sand dunes and over 30 meters high situated off a impetuous ocean and, at times, dangerous.
Lovers of marine life will enjoy the beach in Hulopo’e on the island of Lanai. This is a broad but sheltered beach, whose waters live in dozens of species of fish, corals and it is not uncommon for wild dolphins accompany our bathrooms. However, it may be that the crown jewel of Hawaiian beaches is  one of those in the region of Lanikai on the island of O’ahu. The sand in this area has an incredible vanilla color, translucent waters and cuts on the horizon, like two cinnamon hills, islands Mokulua turned into ornithological reserve and whose visit is allowed only by kayak.

As the ancient Polynesian thought, if somewhere in the world inhabited by the gods, it is quite likely that some of these islands.

Vacation in the Pacific islands that make up the area of Hawaii.

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