Hanover, a city of gardens and monuments

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Located on the banks of the Leine River lies the German city of Hanover, internationally recognized for its important trade fairs such as CeBIT (one of the fairs and information technology world’s largest), its large and beautiful gardens and imposing monuments.

Hanover a city of gardens and monuments

Photography by Hühnerauge

One of the main buildings is the great Old Town Hall, also known as the Altes Rathaus, forming an architectural landscape composed of red brick, dating from the fifteenth century. The same is located in the historic city center, establishing himself as one of the icons of the city to be seen. Its interior has been recently remodeled, composing a thoroughly modern design that breaks with the environment that hosts it, creating an architectural controversy. It also has a great team prepared for the tourist services, such as café, restaurant, gift shop and a shopping arcade that demands to be visited. Nearby you can also find the New Town Hall, which provides a spectacular view of the city from its tower.

Rural Tourism in Germany

Photography by Qole Pejorian

A few paces from the old Church of the market, known as Marktkirche. It was built between 1349 and 1359 compose a historical picture of the city, with its gleaming Gothic composed of huge rows of bricks.

You can also go the traditional shopping area, consisting of a mile of shops offering all kinds of products. It is known as the Lister Meile, and picturesque route is especially renowned for the neighborhood that houses it, the district List.

As for gardens and parks, you can see the vast stretches of Eilenriede urban forest, which is enshrined as one of the largest green spaces in Germany and even Europe.

To the northwest of downtown, you will find the baroque gardens called Manor Gardens (Könglichen Gärten Herrenhausen) created in the mid-sixteenth century by the Princess Palatine of the Rhine (Princess Sophie), being the most impressive baroque gardens and beautiful Germany known throughout Europe for its elegant setting.

They are divided into four tracts consisting of lakes, bridges, forests and a variety of flavors and colors arranged with a geometry characteristic of European gardens. These are the Groben Garten, known by its French Baroque landscape, the Berrgarten (Mountain Garden), which has a great diversity of tropical vegetation arranged in a large greenhouse, George Garten, consisting of a sharp English style and Wenfelgarten, which formerly part of the old Castle satisfied Monbrillant and now French-style gardens are part of the University of Hannover, housed in that building.

These gardens fireworks shows held during certain times of celebration, one of those locations to be visited during your stay in the city.


Photography by f650biker  

And if you like this were not enough, you can also go to the zoo in Hanover, one of the most spectacular and oldest in Germany. Among its major areas can find more than 200 species arranged in an ecosystem that has no barriers, inviting the visitor to scroll extensions wildlife in near natural habitat. During the day there are numerous shows, as well as safaris and guided and major shows.

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