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Seascape with islet por Marite2007.

The region of Epirus is one of the areas in Greece where the landscape consists of mountains with lush forests, coasts full of greenery, rainfall is frequent in the region.  It is an unknown destination for travelers, is an area that invites adventure and excitement, consisting of a mountainous landscape in the scenic mountains that stand Tzoumerka, Smolice Grams Monte and in it there are several natural parks such as Valia Caldas, which was created in 1966 with the aim of protecting the nature of the area, ideal destination for nature lovers.

Thanks to the constant rainfall, existential, numerous rivers like the Aheloos, which is the second longest in Greece, the river Arahthos, Voidomatis Aoos, are ideal for practicing adventure sports like rafting and kayaking.  In the region numerous stone bridges, highlighting the Bridge of Plaka which has a length of 40 meters and a height of 20 meters.

Between the mountains we find 46 beautiful villages from where travelers can explore this beautiful region, visit the second deepest canyon in the world, the river gorge Vikos, with the beauty of Lake Pamvotis.

The beauty of the region of Epirus, is a combination of its scenic beauty, its Byzantine churches, its turbulent rivers and gentle slopes where you can practice paragliding.

Old stone bridge, Voidomatis river (GR) 2 por Nik Zach.

Cities that stand out for their importance:

Arta, famous for its elegant bridge that is proud of its citizens.

Loanina, considered one of the most beautiful in Greece, is a city built on the shores of the lake and Pamvotis with over a thousand years of history.

Dodona, has a sanctuary located in the foothills of Mount Tomaros, about 20 kilometers from Ioannina, there was the oracle of Dodona which was part of Zeus.

In the coastal area of Epirus is the city of Igoumenitsa, considered the third largest port in Greece after Piraeus and Patras, from this port to cross to Italy Burgos, Bari, Brindisi, Ancona and Venice, there was also the service a ferry to the island of Corfu, leaving every hour.

Parga, pleasant fishing village where there are high quality beaches with houses stepped down onto the beaches that dot the landscape and found a medieval castle.
Ephyra Éfirao city where the oracle of the dead, located on a hill where the rivers Acheron and Cocytus Acherusia Lakeshore, has places of great beauty.

Parga, Kryoneri beach! por sum2004.

Preveza, near the island of Leucade, is the favorite spot for tourists for its beautiful beaches.

The region of Epirus is a purely agricultural area, where it is grown whole grains, vegetables, fruits and snuff. If you travel in the region of Epirus was found with a variety of tourist attractions like the cobblestone streets of Zagori, the Castilo of Loannina and enjoy the varied cuisine most notably the eel, trout, pasta and cheese always accompanied by sparkling wine Zitsa.

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