Granada: What you should know on your trip

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Granada, a beautiful city that can say many things, but would certainly not be enough to cover the incredible story that characterizes it. Some of the features that make it very special to this town in Spain, are having an enviable architecture, which consists of models of megalithic as Romeral Cave, to name just one example.

Granada: What you should know on your trip

Photography by Nic’s events

The weather in Granada is different from what anyone might expect, because the contrasts paracer take the lead, while in winter it is home to temperatures of 6 ° C or 7 ° C in summer easily reach 37 ° C or 40 ° C inclusive. The nights out are a real pleasure because the average temperature of 20 ° C. borders.

As advice to those who visit in winter, should wear clothes that stand in low temperatures, if the opportunity occurs in summer, otherwise, a bottle of water always available.

As is the case with pleasant temperatures at night, eating is one of the highlights of this beautiful city Hispanic, including dishes stand out as the Olla de San Antón, beans with ham, among others.

Despite many delicious meals to enjoy on the next trip to Granada is performed, it must be borne in mind that the delicacies are also extended to the plane of sweet things, since they are pionono eg, candy and several Moorish other things that come from the Arabs, who were in these lands for some time.

So between the tortilla crumbs Sacramonte and alpujarreñas, the other thing to do is go out and explore the vastness of what is offered in Granada, Las Tapas, which are the main attraction of the bars, where patrons enjoy a ration at no cost.

Covers rations consist of nuts, meat wise, potato salad, Serranito, salaillas, cold cuts, among other things. Obviously, a supplement to the night entertainment in bars, will be to share the local festivities, which is why if you want to have fun and enjoy the typical local folklore, nothing better than to pay attention to the tourist guides and the calendar of events:

• Flamenco Festival (late July)
• Water Festival (week of June 24)
• Fiesta de la Parva (August 4)
• International Theater Festival (second and third week of May)
• Grape Festival (January 1)
• Taking of Granada (January 2nd)
• Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos (April 29)

Travel tips to Granada

Some of the most colorful works that are the center of tourist attraction in Granada can be the Alhambra, which is the heritage of humanity and it is one of the most visited in Spain, the place certainly impressed by the Alcazaba, the palaces and gardens. Featured park is the Almunia of Ainadar, Pinar Fernández Parks Gardens, the Royal Room of Santo Domingo, among others.

Top 10 things that underlies can not miss being in Granada are:

1. Riofrio Caviar
2.The shopping in Granada
3.The skiing in Sierra Nevada
4. Costa Tropical
5.The cave homes
6.The Science Park
7. Alhambra
8.The neighborhoods Albaicin
9.La Alpujarra architecture and
10.The Granada Tapas and kitchen

La Alhambra de Granada

Photography by Vvillamon

As for the accommodations we have to say that hotels in Granada are not at all expensive, there are a number of offers that make sightseeing relatively straightforward and feasible, so there will not be spared in efforts to gain good accommodation, which is easily over the Internet.

It is possible to find hotels of the singles to five-star Hotel Palacio de los Patos, MA Hotel Nazaries, among others. Thus, the Granada hotels are available to any person, having an ability to adapt perfectly to the needs of the new tourists, so it is not just a problem when organizing and decide the next trip to Granada.

Bon Voyage!

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