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 Gramado - RS / Brasil por Lucas Pedruzzi.

Gramado is a bucolic place located 126 kilometers from Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul and is the third most visited tourist destination in Brazil, is a place of exuberant nature.

Grams is found in what is called the “gaucho hill” and is known as the “Switzerland of Brazil”, the charm of its natural beauty attracts many tourists to this beautiful place, where the landscape is dominated by mountains, valleys adorned pine forests and clear streams. 

Gramado is part of the tourist corridor in the region of Hydrangeas flower found anywhere and is the flower symbol of the city, this is characterized by the order and beauty of the city that residents are determined to maintain the Tourists travel the city in order to enjoy the tranquility of the place.  The city of Gramado was founded by German and Italian immigrants, so its residents are white skin and blue eyes, they’re very attached to their ancestral traditions, what is observed in his habits and very religious people. The appearance of the city reminds us somewhere in Europe for its architecture and thoughtful landscaping, the city’s climate is pleasant, but in the night shelter is a must. Gramado has the largest tourist infrastructure of Brazil, has two fair centers, large hotel capacity and a large network of restaurants where you can enjoy the extraordinary cuisine of the city.

Quilombo Valley populated with native Araucaria forest is the place for which you can make guided tours, camping and hiking, Knorr Park, the place where the theme park “Santa’s Village,” the Playground have mini replicas of world famous buildings made with Germany in miniature, with its castles and amazing stories. The Caracol Park, where you can see in all its majesty the cascade of the same name, is also the antique car show, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions, the traveler arrives Gramado is impressed by the amount of hydrangeas grow everywhere and the cleanliness of the city that its residents care very carefully.

 Cascata do Caracol - Gramado - RS - Brasil por benhurkopper.

If you appreciate food, Gramado has many restaurants offering typical food of Brazil, as well as the German and Italian, is also famous for the delicious chocolates that are made there also are popular festivals: the Festival Winter, The Brazilian Film Festival and the Feast of the colony.

If you friend traveler seeking a quiet place to spend your vacation, Gramado is the Brazilian city of choice.

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