Geneva, a city of natural and historical attractions

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Jet d'Eau by Avellanita.

Would you be interested to hear an interesting and different city? So, Geneva is for you! It is located at the western extremity of Switzerland and is the capital of the canton (region, Switzerland) the same name. It is surrounded by majestic mountains, beside the blue lake in Switzerland and is a very cultured and compact metropolis.

Did you know that many of the 2 million inhabitants are of foreign origin? Geneva is a multicultural city on the border with France and Lake Geneva. At the same time, United Nations headquarters and other diplomatic and international organizations. It is true that the city is very quiet, but still, visitors cannot fail to be attracted by the magnificent natural and historical attractions it has. The trouble is that the place is a bit expensive but definitely worth a visit.

Begin our the crossing of lake Geneva in the same name. Lake Geneva is the focal point of the city and is bordered by a coastline very entertaining, and many beautiful parks and gardens bordering the lake, as well as, the world famous Jet d’Eau fountain. The fountain sprays water almost 400 feet in the lake!

Geneva city of natural and historical

Something you cannot pass up, not only in Geneva but anywhere in the world, is the culture. Geneva The case is a very unusual, as you can see a merger between French, German and Italian Swiss qualities of course effectiveness in everything they do. The most spoken language is French, but many people also speak English because of the international presence in the city. Know that the ginebreses are very proud and very clean city they love and are also very hospitable to tourists. Respect the city and its inhabitants as a way of thanks to their attention!

Let us follow the trail and take a walk through the Old Center. If you enjoy walking, then the center of Geneva find very pleasant and relaxing. Its many ancient lanes (only for pedestrians) and superb shopping areas to make the walk a very light and entertaining. As you walk, you can not miss the Cathedral of St. Peter, the main point of the Old Center. You’ll find an impressive collection of museums and galleries such as the Maison Travel and Petit Palais. North of Old Center is the international area and in the center are the Palace of enceutnra United Nations together with the Red Cross Museum.

Would you like to visit the Jet Source highest in the world? That always draws attention! The main attraction of Lake Geneva, is a blast of 400 feet height of the Jet d’Eau fountain. The water shoots up to 124 miles per hour and a valve gives it a bright white appearance is even better at night. In the annual regatta, several sailboats are in competition to see who reaches the other end of the lake first. One of the biggest events around!

We have mentioned the United Nations Palace, but we know a little more about him. It is located on Avenue de la Paix, in the north of the city. The building is part of a huge track and you can only access it on organized tours, as the visitations are not allowed. Most tours usually include places like the Council Chamber and the Great Hall of the Assembly, both very beautiful and interesting. The building has its doors open to the public every day from 10:00 until 12.00 m. and in the evenings from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 PM Do not forget to bring your passport because you will be asked to login!

If you already liked the idea of going to Geneva, then we can only tell you that the best time is July to August, just when the weather is very pleasant. The only problem is that for the same reason, many tourists go on those dates and accommodations are usually raise their prices. If you want to avoid clustering, then we suggest you travel during June and September, as they are quiet months, there are more choices of price and comfortable accommodation, all you need to consider is that the climate is cooler.

Attractions of Geneva

You choose the season, activities and prices you are willing to pay. Whatever your decision, Geneva will be waiting with its wide range of options and ready to give you an adventure that you will not forget.

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