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When we talk about culinary tourism in Alicante, we talk a good combination of spices, except raw materials and ingredients in traditional cooking. However, there are global cuisines that matches can be viewed as more exotic. He says his food is typically Mediterranean, among pots and pans, has cast the idiosyncrasies of a people typically sailor, marine derivatives there. The truth is that Alicante is the largest city of Valencia. Its geographical location is located on the Mediterranean coast (hence the influence on the food).

In Alicante there a culinary culture popularly recognized around the world. Now if you would have to name the food most associated with the art of eating, we should recognize the inexorable presence of rice on each plate that is offered and served. Everyone will be thinking that we are wrong, because rice is an ingredient typically oriental. However, rice is the best food that accompanies the fish, traditional food product of Alicante. Therefore, most menus are made under the basis of white rice, which lie a variety of fish and seafood of Mediterranean origin.

Typical cuisine of Alicante:

A not scared and the aroma and taste of the dishes serve as principal letter of the local cuisine, so the rice will never be white, just cooked by boiling. Presentation varieties are endless, but we will mention the more traditional, with more output in restaurants.

One is the rice to Alicante, whose recipe is rice (of course), chicken as the main element, and seafood, as minor subject. Other varieties will find the rice crust (where Orihuela and Elche), black rice (it takes its color from squid ink), or rice to band (with fish broth).

However we cannot forget the paella, the popular Spanish dish. The preparation of the paella in Alicante is the most coveted. The exquisite aroma comes from the intersection of the saffron rice, the variety of fish, firewood from the mountain, the orange tree branches and the branches. And then to prove.

The letters of the major gastronomic corners of Alicante you can find us struggling in a dish of potatoes brava, or a combination of grilled mushrooms, tasting lamb chops or savored in a broth with balls. As for the desserts they can potentially have a playful encounter with frost cakes and a glass of liquor. And lovers of good wine may offer a glass of grape vine there willing barrels. So we are in a position to say that to describe and sample the cuisine of Alicante, not many ingredients must be enrolled on the counter: a variety of Mediterranean seafood, vegetables from the garden, vegetables, chicken and pork.

With this raw material can soak a lot of dishes, and offer the guests one of the most sophisticated kitchens. As in all recipes gastronomy there are more welcome in winter, according to the ingredients and calories of other more desirable for the summer. Stews, casseroles, and menus are recommended for heavier combat the cold.

Among the richest we underline the salted dried tuna, cod roe, dried octopus, anchovies and frigate. Entry may be a good winter, or a rich appetizer of summer. His presentation is also of a traditional character; come “sandwiches”, a classic form of zonal decoration. If warm weather in the diner is not willing to settle for a hearty appetizer, Alicante also offers dishes not so delicious to offer. For example, stuffed squid, Suquet de Peix, grouper and shrimp gazpacho.

And while we have already dealt with the confectioners, we forgot to mention, as are combinations of orange fruit, cherries, grapes, persimmons and figs in rich desserts, the typical hard nougat made locally, without which the passenger cannot get up on their desks.

Another tradition that is recognized as the main seasoning cooking spray Alicante is the garlic and oil. As in some places is the leaf of basil, or other the small bunch of parsley, bay leaf or other, in Alicante meats, sauces, vegetables and rice receive their share of oil and garlic, with the task of adjust the flavors and conquer the palates of travelers.

If we were to define the most delicious dishes, we would not have to mention the grilled red prawns (recognized as the most delicious seafood of the Mediterranean), Guardamar prawns and shrimps and prawns. Also, the gastronomic fashion in Alicante is imposed by the hand of restaurateurs, a group of cooks who work with local products, purely from the earth, and made famous by the combination of ingredients and delicious results.

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So we put a stop to this book of recipes, from the city of Alicante.

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