Gastronomic Tour of Italy

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From north to south and from east to west, the Italian food is popular worldwide, is a feast for the senses. In his now famous spaghetti and pizza, visitors can taste some cheeses, meats and premium wines and a variety of dishes made with vegetables and risotto, for example. Tuscan oil and sausages are also excellent.

Gastronomic Tour of Italy

Photography by Peter Shanks

Italian cuisine, famous throughout the world, not only consists of its popular pizza and spaghetti, the two most famous dishes typical of the planet. The cuisine of this country, rich and varied, offers a wide range of regional dishes themselves: The risotto and polenta are two of them, over the centuries have been the staple food in regions like the Piedmont , Lombardy or the Veneto.

In Italian cuisine

Photography by Peter Shanks

In Italian cuisine coexist abundant aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean. It is in itself a reason to pack up and prepare for a journey to the country, traveling from north to south, tasting its best raw materials and dishes. Although the tourist, no more stepping on Italian soil, he has in mind to go to a restaurant, bar or pizzeria to enjoy its rich portions, panini, focaccia and various types of pasta, yes, if possible al dente. In Italy, no rice or pasta are served as an accompaniment to meat, but constitute a separate plate. The tourist, just set foot in Italy, he has in mind to go to a restaurant, bar or pizzeria to enjoy its rich portions, panini, focaccia and various types of pasta.

In Rome and Lazio eat roast lamb (abbachio), veal cutlet rolled in ham (saltimbocca), the gnocchi with butter and parmesan (alla romana), accompanied by gut pasta (pasta alla Pahath) or stuffed courgettes (fiori di zucca). The dishes and salads are seasoned with olive oil of Tuscany, famous throughout the world. The fontina and butter are the ingredients in the fondue, a dish typical of the Aosta Valley. Piedmontese cuisine is popular for its excellent appetizers, ranging from fried zucchini flowers with beef rice with butter.

In Lombardy, the most typical dishes are the saffron yellow rice and breaded escalope. The Emilia-Romagna has a very tasty cuisine: The tagliatelle become a main course when you acomoapañado a ragu sauce, meat. Well known is the famous Parmesan cheese and prosciutto. In the Trentino-Alto Adige many culinary specialties related to the canederli Tyrol, the Knoedel, the goulash and sauerkraut. In Liguria, the Mediterranean left their mark on the stove to products as oil, fish, basil and rosemary. His best dish is the pesto trofie. In Tuscany and Umbria are used oil and vegetables to make delicious soups. In Florence you have to prove the ribollita, made with red cabbage and beans, rabbit with olives and Steak alla fiorentina.

In the Adriatic fresh fish is the most prominent raw material with which the soup is made known as brodetto. Abruzzo’s cuisine, scented with olive oil and saffron, is distinguished by a huge steaks and sausages produced in mountain areas. Garlic, fennel and onion flavored paste the Apulia region: trocolli, chiancarelle, fenescecchie or orechiette. Foggia is savored in one of the best sausages in the country. Calabrian cuisine makes the eggplant and cheese in a prominent place, especially the mozzarella made from buffalo milk. To the south, in Campania, Naples is the undisputed home of pizza, which tasted just purists cover seasoned with tomatoes and arugula. Amalfi Coast provides daily with what to prepare tasty golden grilled, squid and eel.

Gastronomic Tour of Italy

Photography by Peter Shanks

In regard to beverages, wine is king. Red or white, each region has its own stock: Barolo and Dolcetto in Piedmont, and sangiovese lambrusco in Emilia, ribolla in Friuli, Tuscany Chianti and Brunello or frascati in Lazio. If we talk of spirits, we must not forget the famous limoncello, grappa or amaretto.

The traveler is a tourism closely linked to the food, as simple as it is the idiosyncrasies of the Italian people, it is easy to find an extensive choice of hotels in Italy, family pensions, hostels, charming, historic residences or rural tourism at different prices include your dishes. Many of the hotels, and a higher proportion than in other countries, including famous restaurants and complete their service with the delights there offer.

foot in Italy

Photography by Peter Shanks

Good appetite!

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