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Disneyland Paris

If we were to appoint a magical place par excellence, it would undoubtedly be Disneyland Paris. This fantasy takes place before our eyes and the impossible becomes reality: hug Mickey Mouse or Pluto, dance with a prince or princess of fairy tale, to enter the lair of pirates and emerge victorious … Children and no longer be living a few years ago so incredible and unforgettable experience.
The realm of fantasy, Disneyland Paris is a park complex, full of different worlds to be familiar in order to find hidden treasures each.
Main Street U.S.A. is one of them. This place carries him to visit a typical Victorian street where U.S. are colonial mansions, gas lanterns, men with striped vests or American flags. A walk on this street is like entering an old movie, those who were still in black and white. This avenue provides the magnificent town hall, a huge old building with solid furniture that producer the age of the early twentieth century.

In this fantastic place that is Main Street are continually a host of Disney characters, and also organized numerous marches based on cartoons. We can also find everything from galleries dedicated to the Statue of Liberty or the great inventions of history, even as old hat or an old laboratory. Collectors, on the other hand, may find this a Disney movie or book that does not appear anywhere else on the planet.

The street works, as well as a starting point of the fantasy worlds of Disney. Then through the big Main Street to Frontierland is passed, the land of the American West. This site is intended for the most courageous, because only the bravest can pass the line that separates the tranquility of the saloons of Main Street, threatening the train or the mad house of gloomy ghosts.

Visitors can rub shoulders, too, with typical cowboys, soldiers with their leather jackets, their hats and guns, and they have to do with sheriffs, soldiers, Indians and bandits. One of the most attractive is the crazy train Big Thunder Mountain. Who go to one of its wagons can enter the tunnels of a mine or pass between cliffs and rivers while sounding explosions of dynamite charges. And for those who really have nerves of steel is designed Victorian mansion spooky Phantom Manor.

This murky building stands on a hill, and once it enters the interior of the mansion, the dark world of nightmares and are the owners. Spectra, chilling laughter or ghostly creatures are waiting in their rooms.

Disneyland Paris - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad por meanderingmouse.

But not all end here, as lovers of exoticism and adventure will live in an amazing experience Aventureland. The scenarios from the books of well known adventure writers of the nineteenth century, as Herman Melville or Robert Louis Stevenson, jump from the pages at the real world through this place. Here are merchants looking defiant, dangerous pirates in boats, and even have a place also famous galleons in the South Seas. Another possibility is to enter the Lost Temple that made famous the famous Indiana Jones. The unique characteristic of the five continents are represented on the streets of this pictures area.

On the other hand, the wonderful world of children’s stories is represented in Fantasyland. Here you can find the dream Prince Charming, Cinderella and the wicked stepmother in Snow White. All the characters in the fables are always intertwined in Fantasyland. You can play with their own hands the castle of Sleeping Beauty, lost in the maze of Alicia carousel or watch the Dumbo the Flying Elephant charming. Never a place on the planet has bonded so much fantasy in it per square meter.

Disneyland Paris por bikerina83.

Switching third, the future to announce the visionary writer Jules Verne has its own place in Discoveryland. Science fiction shows through attractions such as the galactic convoy of Space Mountain, inspired by Verne’s novel “From Earth to the Moon ‘. Own light shine futuristic sets. For example, the legendary submarine of Captain Nemo in Jules Verne describing ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’. All this in a landscape dominated by a dense fog, with ships and intergalactic light the mysterious moon.

There is still another place to visit, a place where you can see the attractions of Disneyland rest overnight. This site is Disney Village, located between the park and the hotels around. The Disney World is still alive in the Village of nightly entertainment, restaurants like Planet Hollywood or style of Anette’s Diner, a place inspired by the 50s. You can also attend a show or take a romantic cowboys ride in a swan-shaped boat. Or if you prefer to enjoy the most authentic rock & roll in the many coffees that are reminiscent of the golden period of rock.

Ultimately, after a day at Disneyland Paris is found to visit this magical park means to realize the dreams we had in our childhood.

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