Euskadi, a land for all tastes

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Orio, Euskadi. por J.M. Taboada.

Sometimes the best tourism is what is done within the boundaries of the country. Spain has many unique destinations and the Basque Country is one of them. Euskadi is famous for its cuisine, its green countryside and vibrant, its people, its culture and fiestas. In this article we summarize what we can do in Euskadi.

Bilbao is situated northeast of Biscay and is one of the most popular tourist destinations Euskadi. The main entertainment center of the city is the old town, known as the seven streets, where you can find restaurants, bars and shops scattered around winding streets that transported us to another era. The best-known festival is the Semana Grande Bilbao in August. If we pass through this city is a must the famous Guggenheim Museum, and if we want our lodge, we have many hotels Bilbao to spend a pleasant stay for all budgets.

For lovers of the sea, San Sebastian, located along the Cantabrian Sea, is one of the Basque cities ideals. It’s beautiful shell-shaped bay, which ends in the sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, the Wind Comb is one of the rides that we should not miss if you visit this city. As in most of the Basque cities, the Old Town is the most charming part of town where we can enjoy the cuisine and the festive atmosphere. Perhaps the most famous event in the city is the International Film Festival, where he delivered the prized Golden Shells

In the capital of the Basque Autonomous Community, Vitoria, find buildings like Ajuria Enea Palace, residence of the Lehendakari, or the Basque Parliament. It is a city of monuments, from the Old Town with its Gothic streets lined with medieval and Renaissance buildings, even outside the medieval walls. In addition, Vitoria has many pedestrian spaces and green areas to enjoy the tranquility. Maybe that’s why Vitoria is one of Europe’s cities with better quality of life. Vitoria is the big week takes place from 4 to 9 August in honor of the Virgen Blanca, and begins with the traditional descent of Celedon, representing an ancient villager Alava. The character starts from the top of the church tower of St Michael and ends in a balcony of the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca…

Palacio de Ajuria-Enea por inirama1.

Finally, we will discuss one of the loveliest routes Basque Country, Bay of Biscay and Gipúzcoa. The coast of Biscay combining traditional coastal towns with beautiful natural surroundings. This coast is prized by surfers, especially the fine sandy beach Sukarrieta, and along it we can enjoy both the sport and the tranquility and beauty of the coastal towns. Gipúzcoa’s coast is characterized by green mountains that melt into the sea. One of the most important towns of this coast is Zarautz, both for its setting and its tourist attractions. In addition, Zarautz is the paradise of surf in the Basque country, so both on the coast and in the other, we can enjoy playing sport or relaxing.

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