Escape to the volcanoes of the Garrotxa

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Halfway between the landscapes of high mountains of the Pyrenees and the plains. The Garrotxa Natural Park is an exceptional site, where the largest volcanoes on the peninsula. Landscapes, gastronomy and the numerous Roman remains, make the Garrotxa an ideal place to escape a few days to clean air and enjoy its charms.

Escape to the volcanoes of the Garrotxa

Photography by Monitotxi

Volcanic Hiking:

Natural Park of the Garrotxa encourages hiking trails. The paths are well marked and are of low difficulty, so you can enjoy an outdoor break, suitable for all ages.

We propose a route that can be done in one day. Covers the main volcanoes and rivers of the area. The tour can begin in the area of Can Serra (Fageda d’en Jorda), located in the GI-524 road that connects Santa Pau Olot.

As we prepare for the route, see the monolith in memory of poet Joan Maragall, we passed it and we move into the lush landscape of the Fageda d’en Jorda. It is a beech forest growing on a flat and low altitude, which gives outstanding performance.

The foliage is built on a lava of the volcano El crostata and rolling hills provide a unique scenic spectacle. We left the Fageda by the road running of Can Coll and Sant Miquel Batlle Sacot, during our journey, we find XI century Romanesque remains. Continue the path to the volcano of Santa Margarida, where surprisingly its wide circular crater, covered with a green, except in winter, where he built the chapel that gives the name of the volcano.

The Fageda d'en Jorda

Photography by Laureà

The crater of Santa Margarida is the only space left open, since the volcano’s slopes are populated by dense forests of oaks and deciduous trees. We continue our path until you reach the road GI-524, we have to cross to go to the volcano El crostata. According to studies, is the youngest volcano in the Iberian Peninsula, but also has the largest cone. He developed a farm of volcanic rock that has left a dent in the landscape.

Santa Pau, a medieval treasure:

It is located in the Natural Park, surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests. Retains its medieval core, so it will not be difficult to transport us to the fourteenth century and walk its cobblestone streets, stroll under its arcaded square, declared a Historic Artistic Monument and relax after a hard day of hiking and nature. Make a stop in Santa Pau to replenish their strength with a typical local dinner is the perfect time to end a really rich experiences, fresh air and good food.

volcanoes of the Garrotxa

Photography by Carquinyol

Good Luck to the volcanoes of the Garrotxa!

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