England, Harry Potter and the real world

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For a moment think about the adventures of the young wizard with the lightning bolt in the front place in some of the most evocative of the United Kingdom, discover those enclaves is a fun and different way of penetrating the charm of the British Isles.

Harry Potter and the films that made him something not usual in the transposition of novels to film: both the author’s character as the thousands of followers of the magician agree that the movies coincide largely with what you read and imagine, with the adventures of Potter and his friends. Whether we are fans of the pupils of Hogwarts or not, through the enclaves in whom they filmed many of the scenes of the films we will introduce the young magician in full medieval and Victorian Britain, where are some of the identity of these Atlantic islands.

We can start … at the beginning of the book, when the child discovers that it has magical powers to communicate with serpents. And one is reminded of the London Zoo, one of the best establishments of its kind in Europe, where he conducted environmental education programs interesting and recovery of endangered species. The zoo’s location is superb, and enjoys extensive gardens and lakes, in addition to near the outdoor theater of Regent’s Park, which recommended a more especially in spring and summer months.

We move forward in the novel and our discovery of the great metropolis of London. Potter must buy their own school: flying broomsticks, magic wands and books of enchantments. Where did you do? Well, no more and no less than in Leadenhall Market, a charming cobbled streets and market of glass ceiling full of shops, restaurants and bars that will delight the most demanding. Very near there is the embassy of Australia, a beautiful courtyard building in which the scenes were filmed Gringotts Bank, where some elves accompanying young Harry and his friend Garrid the chamber in which is the legacy that Potter had left for his only son.

And now let us walk around the bush and to the point of the matter: Hogwarts exists. The fascinating building where Potter and his friends received their training magician is in the region of Northumbria, northern England. This is Alnwick Castle, once belonging to the Duke of Northumberland, his  magnificent profile and outer part of the decor that occur naturally in some exciting scenes from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, as the classes of devilish game of Quidditch.

Hogwarts also includes some corners of the University of Oxford, namely the Temple of Christ Church, where Mrs McGonagall greets the new apprentice magician. Another disquieting in enclaves that were translated into celluloid adventures of the wizard created by JK Rolling Gloucester Cathedral was built in a place that was used as a spiritual center for over 1,300 years. For their towers and crypts went ghost moaning Myrtle, Potter discovered the mysterious and enigmatic photographs chatterbox red graffiti appeared on walls of stone.

Rusty Red... por ragtops2000 (Trying to catch up).

Near the cathedral is Lacock Abbey, where scenes were filmed in which Harry and his classmates receive their lectures on dangerous animals, poisonous plants and healing.

Other fascinating places where young magicians tested their worth are so many other enclaves scattered throughout the British island geography as the Ravine Black Rock, in the Highlands of Scotland, the white cliffs of Devon, Beacon Hill, West Sussex, Virginia or the Lake of Surrey.

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