Elqui Valley: the charm of an Oasis (Chile)

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Cradle of Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, astronomical observatories sector and producer of the best pisco alcoholic beverage typically are some of the peculiarities of the Elqui Valley. Inside it shows the different contrasts: blue skies, clean air, vast prairies and papayas grown vine between high mountains and deserts. It is an unforgettable destination if he is on holiday in La Serena, or if you want peace of mind. Elqui Valley delivers peace, relaxation, entertainment and an irresistible attraction for people to know each of its interior with its churches, vineyards, plazas, adobe houses, crafts and customs of the locals. It is ideal if you want to move away from the city noise, since only hear the wind blow through the trees while walking through the area.

It is also well known for its magnetic vibrations, which has caused many tourists visiting the valley with only the intention of practicing yoga, meditation and relaxation, a life and exploit the natural energy, most significantly, in each of the daily tasks . Also, it’s clear skies attract more passengers each day, visiting observatories and the Tololo Mamalluca (these two should call and reserve).

Another major attraction is its warm weather, sun, fertile land, rivers and rugged peaks torrents. There is no exact path to walk around this beautiful valley, so each visitor has the option to choose the path that most interests you. Here we offer some suggestions. Discover the Embalse Puclaro, Vicuña, Villaseca, Monte Grande and Pisco Elqui, where you can make from cultural visits to museums, pisqueras facilities, centers of alternative medicine and meditation, horseback riding, water sports, to buy papayas in its various forms: preserved, nectar, jams and syrup.

Algarrobito: It is a typical village of Valle de Elqui fifths surrounded by fruit trees and orchards. It is located 15 kms. La Serena entering the Valley and has attractive as one of oldest cemeteries in Chile and a beautiful church built of adobe. Its people have specialized in the production of exquisite delicacies and sweets to offer to tourists.

Las Rojas: It is an ancient town that has an adobe church built in 1982. It is located 23 kms. La Serena and its landscape is characterized by large fruit trees and aromatic.
Quebrada de Talca: It is one of the places for observing the sky from Elqui Valley, which is 450 m. and as such is entitled. Located 27 kms. La Serena, after the village of the same name.

The Molle: This picturesque village is located 34 kms. La Serena and is considered the cradle of pre-Hispanic culture of the same name. It is a place where mansions out where farmers are offered dishes, especially sweet fig and papaya, plus quince, and white bread kneading dish. You can visit the House of Culture, the tapestry workshop medidatativos and practice meditation with a Tibetan monk.

Puclaro Reservoir: This impressive piece of engineering occupies 760 hectares. And is located to 41 kms. La Serena. It is a place where not only can enjoy the scenery, but the possibility of wind sectors and walks allowed.

Tambo almost reaching Vicuña is El Tambo, a small village surrounded by hills and parronales. Its streets are narrow and off the square are the church, made of adobe and bells cast in gold. A roadside papayas are offered and their derivatives.

Vicuña: The Earth of Gabriela Mistral Vicuña, located on the banks of the river Elqui, is the largest urban center and the Valley Road entrance to Pisco. Hotel services and has excellent restaurants, people selling their crafts and products derived from papaya, very typical of the place. The city is deeply tied to the life of Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, so it is advisable to visit the Gabriela Mistral museum where you can see the archive, library, pictures, awards and personal belongings of the Chilean poet, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1945, and his birthplace where he keeps the furniture, photographs and mementos of his life. In both places selling souvenirs and writer of books in different versions. A 9 kms. is the Mamalluca Hill Community Center is open to public tours during the day and every night of the year for amateur astronomy, at which time you can see the sky through a telescope of 30 cm. in diameter located in a dome.

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