El Castillo San Carlos, musa de Saint-Exupéry

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In the Argentine city of Concordia in the province of Entre Rios, a legendary castle which was once a source of inspiration for the famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The San Carlos Castillo.

The almost one hundred hectares of the settlement of San Carlos passed through several hands since 1867. That same year Manuel Bica became owner, but his death was Carlos Alberti who bought the land for the purpose of installing a salt. Years later was sold to a French firm that wanted to establish a cannery. For this was sent from Paris Demachy Eduard, who bought the land and build the remote mansion on the Lomada more importantly, it brought only with drawings of France.

El Castillo de San Carlos was built in just two years between 1886 and 1888, with material brought from Europe. The mansion is not only noted for its fine decoration, but also because it had amenities that were unheard of then for that region, central heating by household marble, a system of gas lighting and running water, and even mobile health. Never knew why Demachy Eduard and his wife, three years later, suddenly left the property to return to France, leaving it even more valuable pieces. Perhaps thinking back soon, but never did. The house was still owned by the French and rented repeatedly until the Rural Society of Concord and then bought again, sold the family Walloon Fuchs in 1929. They were those who had the pleasure of welcoming Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, when he was an aviator and suffered damage to their small plane that carried him to land in the fields of property and interacting with the owners.

Even if it was not the writer had been hired by the French Aeroposta to work in Argentina and outline routes for transport development Aeropostal. Was conducting a reconnaissance flight to delineate the route between Buenos Aires and Asuncion, Paraguay, when he saw the lands of San Carlos and decided to make his landing. There he ran into the two daughters of the marriage walloon Fuchs, who was surprised to hear them speak French. Antoine stayed in the mansion until they can repair their plane and brought a beautiful relationship with the hospital family, also dazzled by the beauty of the castle and the huge meadows. This was an experience for him shortly after a story expressed in his book “Land of Men,” and today we can see there is a monument dedicated to his best known work “The Prince”.

Over time the mansion was abandoned until it was looted. Delivered to the vagaries of time and erosion, the old castle of Louis XV style was wearing until a great fire in 1938 ended with its two floors, its gardens and statues, leaving only the ruins can be seen today. But history will never die, because if one visits the city of Concord, you can discover the magic and enchantment of the famous writer noted with some sadness and admiration for what was once the great castle of San Carlos; definitely a place with history.

How to get to Concord?
* From Buenos Aires: Bridge Zárate-Brazo Largo, by National Route No. 12 to its junction with No. 14. Can also be reached via the rail network.
* From Paraná: Provincial Route No. 18 to its junction with the National No. 14, then it northwards until you reach the access to Concordia.

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