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dublin_street_8493 por birmbear.

There are times we need to nourish our creative leisure, and in others, our adventurous spirit, there are other times when we just want to spend, eat, drink and enjoy. Dublin, the Irish capital, is the first site that comes to mind to take our fancy travelers. A shopping tour that shows prominent places described below:

Le Custom House, Dublin

This city that we visit is located near the East Coast of the island and in the heart of County Dublin. Viking homeland of today’s land coveted by tourists from around the world looking to buy good and cheap.

That’s right: if anyone is still undecided in Dublin that aims to find a significant cultural heritage, should be run lane, as this Irish land is not specifically a place with museums, monuments and palaces. This is a small condominium, characterized by host major apparel brands, and boasts an interesting nightlife because of its large number of pubs.

The inhabitant is mixed with the tourist within the margins of these sites because, although areas of interest to overseas, also the inhabitants of this city are well versed in the art of buying and surrender to the fun. The great economic boom the country is evident in modern infrastructure, another strong point for attracting tourism. In fact, the largest influx coming from Spain. Often young people become weekend breaks to Dublin, only to be participants in the club scene shown there. And talk about them are many and varied (in terms of style and structure) are pubs where you can enjoy a good glass of wine.

But let’s start with the basics: Armenians an agenda of travel, because there is much that remains for us to visit and buy.

Overview of Dublin:

Let’s give a little to tell these renegades, who insist poor echo the cultural wealth of the city, there are places to visit. From here will promote the visit to the Cathedral, walk through the Customs House, and around Dublin Castle. And if there is someone, some interest in soaking up the local architecture, it would be pleasant visit through the streets of the city to recognize the Georgian style of their homes.

El Castillo de Dublín por Mi mundo digital.

But we are already here, ready to venture into an escalation of consumption and entertainment, and the Spanish also have arrived. Taking advantages of the offer of cheap flights, traveled two hours and are transiting the streets of Dublin.

We forgot something: What’s the first thing to make a tourist out of your home? Get accommodation. Here in Dublin it is not complex. The wide variety of hostels, guest houses and hotel contrast with the built-up area around the mall. But that’s the strategy, cheap accommodation, shopping and entertainment.

Perhaps the mystique provided by the youth coming through the city, students, bohemians, hungry for distraction, whatever it turns into a lively city Dublin, with rhythm. Not for nothing, someone once came up to say: “No matter the place, people matter.”

And according to these people that we care we enter the Temple Bar, Old Town, one of the busiest places in the area. Glass exclusive pubs and shopping. Here, visitors can look at business, or sit and have a nice coffee in the Thunder Road Cafe. But not too long, because the clock is running out, and there is much to be done.

Thunder Road Cafe por JeffKWW.

Now we are looking for young Irish and transfer us to the largest university in Ireland (Trinity College). There we can see one of his statues features (since we never forget the fellow travelers who want to internalize the culture of the place): that of Molly Malone. Popular legend tell that she was multifaceted, fisherwoman, chaperon and teacher.

And to begin to vibrate at night, we ran into the Guinness Brewery, where the most important happens at the end of the visit, a cup of drink and hospitality. And from there go straight to the pubs of the city: The Dragon, The George, The Front Lange and more.  Live music playing in the streets is also a good alternative. One can travel the trails together rather versatile rhythms, from the hot asphalt.

And for those who are more filmgoers than musicians, there is also an urban space, two cinemas with alternative films can compound the anxieties of these spectators. However, despite what you may be thinking the other side, the night atmosphere of this city, not far from heavy. Here one breathes peace and good vibrations. Many people plan fun but without violence.

We will have to be careful, as the facades of pubs may confuse our intention, we may be entering a little bar dance, or we may be entering a dwelling, with a few countrymen aware of horse racing. And besides, the move does not extend to long hours of the night. Smokers, in turn, will be of to evils Dublin is a smoke-free city so, indoors, can not be consumed snuff. If we got there in summer time, only one pass on the street smoking a cigarette will find us. If instead you arrive in winter, we expect the courts with stove, in some cases, or the adversity of the cold weather.

Temple Bar in Dublin por Odddutch.

Bars in the streets of Dublin

Now we are in the Fitzsimmons, a four-storey building, terrace (ideal for summer nights) in which you can dance, listen to music and drinking a rich cup.  If in any case, we wanted to get away from the most visited area of the city, two bars stationed along the river ahead fascinating and peaceful. It’s The Zanzibar and The Pravda. The first, more like a disco classic, and second, a particular site with two living areas, one to chat and enjoy a drink and the other to dance wildly to the beat of electronic music.

And to end our stay, we can not dispense with a number of souvenirs, fashion. Stores like George’s Street Arcade, Costume, Ave Maria, Rococo, and designers such as Alias Tom, Jen Oakes and Kelly, we expect to offer their best models for textiles.

Dublin awaits you!

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