Driving around Paris in a day

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Although it is a shame to devote one day to the city of Paris, famous for its monuments, palaces and museums, often the time we play a trick and ends up giving us just a few hours in some destinations.

Driving around Paris in a day

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Oddly enough, many people are visiting cities that ends just as important as Paris in a day. This usually occurs because the Charles de Gaulle International Airport is one of the destinations most important combinations of flights from Europe and the world, generating in many cases, a wait of one day connection.

For that reason, thinking of all those who have just one day to enjoy this beautiful city, we present a quick guide on which we travel most important sites, bypassing the entrance to them, to create even, a brief glimpse of this city so beautiful.

Whereas it arrives at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, you can take the REB B to the heart of the city: stop Saint Michel / Notre Dame. There, as the name implies, you can visit the prestigious Cathedral and then walk around (depending on time available), which contains several important monuments, the Concierge, the Palais de Justice, furthest from the Palais de Luxembourg and the Saint Chapelle, along the romantic river Seine.

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Crossing the same may be left with two major museums of worldwide importance. One is the Louvre Museum, famous for hosting the world’s most important works, to be the scene of numerous films and for its beauty and tradition. This presents refined and gone, obviously if you want to visit, you will need a whole day, so the idea remains to be discarded. Anyway never bad to know even the important monument from the outside.

Photography by Olivier Bruchez

A few blocks, you can find the second-renowned museum. This is completely different to the Louvre, has a hig-tech appearance, breaking with the image presented by the environment. It is the Centre Pompidou, recommended for those lovers of twentieth century architecture. Good photographs to large steel tubes that are interwoven after the red stairs that protrude from the industrial-looking building will be more than sufficient for this short tour.

From now on, depending on the time to count, you can return to the Seine walking (brisk) and follow his path to the Louvre Palace.
This allows you to skirt the Tuileries Gardens and Place de la Concorde. From there you can look out the Avenue Des Champs Elysees where you can see the Arc de Triomphe, as a point of connection of the many streets that are dying there. Near the Concorde, Invalides can see monuments, Grand Palais and the street approaching Due Royale, you can meet their neighbors La Madeleine and Opéra Garnier and Place Vendome.

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Photography by Olivier Bruchez

After a few more blocks along the river, you can see the magnificent and important Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars. Or try to climb it, because time will not be enough simply will have to be content with taking pictures of this wonderful monument of European history and continue their journey back to the airport.


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From there you take line C (yellow) to stop St. Michel / Notre-Dame, by combination with REB line B (the one we took from the airport) to Charles de Gaulle. Keep in mind how long it can take up to this point, so that calculates an hour each way and a turn (the fare is 8 euros the trip from the airport).

If you have less time, can make a child walking tour, taking the Concorde from line 1 to the starting point. There is also the problem of food. Knowing that will have only a few hours in Paris, the best option is to buy a light in the many markets that face the street, not to linger in the restaurants. Eat on the banks of the Seine is not bad no doubt.

Obviously this trip is very basic, leaving many monuments without seeing (the Sacre Coeur, the Parc La Villette and the Palace of Versailles are three examples of utmost importance that are discarded due to their distance), but given the short time available, will know the best way buildings and monuments from the outside … and stay with the desire to return to the popular city of Paris.

Good Luck!

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