Diving in Thailand

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The coasts of southern Thailand is a paradise for travelers interested in scuba diving and all those who start their experience there on the seabed will then have a great list too high to be overcome to find jobs in places enormous underwater beauty.

Diving in Thailand

Photography by Christian Haugen

One of the main benefits of Thai seabed is the clarity of its waters. It is very easy to have a visibility of up to 20 feet above the coral formations, which increases the chances of not missing a single detail of the impressive flora and fauna living beneath the sea.

The truth is that it is difficult to choose the area where you want to dive, because both the islands of the Andaman Sea (west), as the Gulf of Thailand (east), offer a long list of advantages and unique marine species. Perhaps this area and especially in the National Marine Park Similan Islands, the seabed is more unspoiled and less concentration of tourists, but if we consider the price, Koh Tao is without doubt the best option to enjoy diving at a great price.


Photography by breezyjay

Koh Tao, or Turtle Island, is only 21 km2 is still a paradise in the rough, where electricity is not assured for 24 hours, which gives it its charm of small island that has not suffered the massive construction and colonization of its sister islands of Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan.

Although it seems a matter of time in Koh Tao you can still enjoy the rural life in the interior of the island and tourism mainly directed to the diving, so we avoid large crowds. The atmosphere is more bohemian and hippie on other islands in Thailand, where the big resorts have taken the coast.

Accommodation in Koh Tao:

The hotels are sets of bungalows and small buildings that are camouflaged in the vegetation, thus avoiding visual impact when viewed along the coast from the sea. Most are equipped diving centers in their facilities with diving schools, as is common in high season (November to February) will only accept guests who will carry out diving, but gradually the business philosophy is changing and becoming more common for hotels to offer alternatives to diving activities, to develop a larger tourism.

Keep in mind that in Thailand the resort are not large estates with all the amenities, but the name given to all hotels on the coast, ranging from basic cabins to luxurious facilities with many more amenities and services.

Trip to Thailand

Photography by victoriapeckham

For diving, the resort Buddha View is one of the most publicized from Bangkok, but his popularity is not incompatible with quality and has many attractions that add to the professionalism of the instructors and guides who accompany divers during a dive. If you stay here, do not miss the BBQ night on the edge of the beach, which becomes a lively meeting place to chill out where everyone goes barefoot and the experiences they have lived underwater during the day.

For those travelers who are planning a trip to Thailand and are interested in obtaining certification as scuba divers, Koh Tao is the ideal place for a four-day workshop for half the price they could do a Spanish center. This does not mean having fewer resources and lower quality, but they get so competitive these rates due to the large volume of students, their expertise and also earn income for accommodation.

Dive Locations:

Chumphon Pinnacle. If you come to Koh Tao can not leave without going to their funds. Are legendary on the island as the place where you have more chance of seeing whale sharks and even rays. It is located about 11 kilometers from the coast and is recommended for scuba diving with some experience, as the depth goes from 15 to 35 meters and see the shark is really shocking. To get an idea, this video shows in great detail the coral formations, underwater life of Koh Tao and sharks living in its waters.

Green Rock. It’s a really fun and interesting experience. Has many caves with active marine life where we pasearnos in a relaxed manner. These are short passages in the rock, where the output is as we begin to explore the cavity, which facilitates the dive when you have little experience. But keep in mind that there are often strong currents, making it more suitable for divers with some practice or feel secure and calm.

Thailand is a paradise</a>

Photography by Todd Huffman

During a dive in Green Rock is very common to see brown “Yellow Margin” and various kinds of “Triggerfish” two very territorial species with which we must be careful, because if you invade their territory can attack. In any case, the guides always report the species to be found and will indicate how to avoid incidents. In the case of mulberry trees just have to avoid the rocks fuck not put your hands around them and the “Triggerfish” the most recommended watch for it to come and locate their homes.

Green Rock. It is a simple and relaxed dive where hopefully you can see a turtle. One excellent option is the way to the Japaneese Garden, where beginners can enjoy the seascape a few meters from the surface. In Green Rock are also very abundant Triggersfish, scorpion fish and mulberry trees, so caution should be exercised.

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