Disneyland in Hong Kong

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Many people deal with this data, but Hong Kong is not a country. Still belongs to that is becoming the world’s greatest power, the mighty People’s Republic of China, so his full name is the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong People’s Republic of China, though, is emerging as one of the nations with no better economic, social and technological developments in the world. He does not care about their small size, 1,092 square kilometers, or not a nation, they hoped to remain high. This small nation south of the country continues to Chinese dreaming to be big and be independent of the Asian.

But that’s not a bad place, Hong Kong has a bit of everything. Among many things which also have their own world of Disneyland. That is, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck live in this part of the world. It began as a small castle in Sleeping Beauty in the 80s, and ended up being a large resort (known as the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort), which can receive daily about 34 thousand people, built on 12 September 2005, after years procedures and negotiations between Disney and the Hong Kong government.

The structure is very similar to other Disneyland in the world that is on all sides of the planet. There are four areas, Tomorrowland, FantasyLand, Main Street USA Adventureland and, right this is a large park, a comparison of the rest in different centers in the world. While this does not, that is the smallest among all, even if they are a process of expansion plan, to be able to have an average of ten million visitors per year. The park has two languages in all its aspects, are obviously the English and Chinese. The size of the park are about 700 thousand square meters.
Main Street USA (look this is in Hong Kong) Here you can find some people like, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, among others, and enjoy the attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Disneyland, Mickey’s house, etc. While Adventureland can happen in the rudder and Pumbo with great and fun on the Jungle River Cruise, Tarzan’s Treehouse and Balsas, Festival of the Lion King, and several others.

Hong Kong Disneyland por Lewi Hirvela.

If you’re a girl, it is appropriate to visit the FantasyLand, where Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, among other Princesses, the attractions there are many adventures of Winnie the Poo, FantasyLand the train station and Mad Tea Party. Finally, in Tomorrowland Buzz Light year you will come across, from Toy Story, and you’ll have fun at Space Mountain, and the UFO Zone Astro Orbition.

Do not miss the opportunity of this magical world of Disneyland, the incredible pass.

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