Discovering the city of Vienna

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Vienna on the banks of the Danube, in the valley of the Vienna Woods, at the foot of the foothills of the Alps, ignites our imagination with waltzes and dances at the Opera, beautiful buildings, the Spanish Riding School and traditional cafés. But with all this history and tradition, Vienna also offers a very different side, your side young, trendy and creative. In the neighborhood of Freihausviertel, creativity prospers, the young designers and artists exhibit and sell their work.


Photography by kainet

The city has a long history as one of the oldest capitals of Europe and therefore has an important artistic heritage. During the nineteenth century was one of the great music capitals of the world and early twentieth century mecca of philosophy and political debate in the West, as well as a major cultural center worldwide.

Vienna is the elegant and relaxed cities. Vienna manages to unite his heritage with the spirit of the new age. The beautiful historic center of Vienna, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosts a wealth of gardens and palaces and baroque buildings.

In the cultural complex was built the great museum of art with fashion boutiques, clubs and bars with DJs. Not far from Stephansplatz (St. Stephen’s Square, the heart of Vienna) are the areas with the most prestigious fashion shops, cafes and shopping centers. In areas of Freihausviertel Neubau and bars, shops and studios pulsing with creative enthusiasm.

fiaker en Stephansplatz

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The areas oldest and most central of the city are within what they call “the Ring”, the Ringstrasse, Vienna’s main street that goes through where once were the walls. A trip around the Ring by tram number 1 and 2 is a good way to get an overview of the whole and to see many of the sights of Vienna. The city is divided into 23 districts (Bezirk), identified by a number in front of the addresses. A good map of the city is marked with these numbers. The most central areas are 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Discovering the city of Vienna

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Public Transport:

Vienna has a metro, trams and buses. The same ticket is valid on all sites and can be purchased at tobacconists (€ 1.70) or in special machines on board (€ 2.20).

Examples of other types of tickets: 8 days Card (valid for 8 days or up to 8 people for one day) € 27.20; card 24 hours € 5.70, Bonus 4 trips € 6.80.

To many it better to travel by subway, this is fast, efficient, and although it costs more, the funny thing is that a person can brew without paying, because there is some barrier in place, which shows the healthy mind in relation to other countries. With regard to transport other data of value to the traveler is to have small pocket maps, they will find them on almost all stations and will help you desplzarte either by the city, although you know that there are relatively close to monuments and others if will need to move with public transport.

Vienna Trolley

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Plan your trip to Vienna for a pleasant experience!

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