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Boi Valley in the Pyrenees blends perfectly with the pure nature of the Pyrenees with Romanesque architecture in a small hidden valley, 300 km from Barcelona.

The Vall de Boi

Photography by manelzaera

From the eleventh century the valley, under the rule of Erill, was part of the diocese of Urgell, and appears as an entity in 1066 in a treatise on the counts of Pallars. As the lords of Erill helped in the recapture with Alfonso I the Battler, were rewarded. In this way they could build the beautiful Romanesque churches are spread over the valley.

Valley Boi has nine buildings in their towns declared World Heritage by the cultural show of the European Middle Ages through the Pyrenees and being a live show of Catalan Romanesque art. Here the Romanesque (Lombard-influenced) is presented in its purest form, but the churches seem simplicity and austerity in these populations are true works of art from the twelfth century. During the mid-twelfth century these churches were painted and decorated by artists from Lombardy, who painted the masterpieces of medieval and Romanesque painting.

Pantocrator from Sant Climent of Taüll:

The most spectacular work is found in the church of Sant Climent de Taüll. The church of Sant Climent de Taüll consecrated 1123, is the most representative church of the Valley of Boi. The Pantocrator is in the apse of the church is a captivating and spectacular painting. Today you can visit the original in Barcelona MNAC in the Church of St Climent of Taüll is a reproduction.

Discover the Vall de Boi

Photography by Ainhoa Pcb

A note that you can climb the bell pretty high and almost all the churches in the valley to see its beautiful views, plus a little advantage to play the bells.

We also note the church of Sant Joan de Boi, the thirteenth century that is before the village of Sant Climent de Taüll. This church has fresh interior and exterior have been preserved to this day. The frescoes represent the prophecies of Daniel and the stoning of St. Stephen, plus you can see animals that have their own magical significance.

Views Vall Erill bell:

Another beautiful church is the Erill la Vall, which although is a little town with a hundred people, the church is very nice and spacious. With a bell tower and interior wood.

The prices of tickets to the churches are very economical. Each church is very well informed, well maintained access and marked, and although some seem a bit inaccessible tower seems a lot safer than all other European churches.

All 9 churches can be visited with a single entry € 5, or individual tickets are € 1.20. So if you want to enjoy a weekend in the Vall de Boi, can you afford to visit these works of art perfectly integrated into the nature of the Catalan Pyrenees.

The nature of the Vall de Boi

Photography by manelzaera

We will not forget about Aigüestortes National Park, which is one of the lakes over the Pyrenees. The highest peak is 2982 meters Peguera, and the most emblematic Encantats with flora and fauna of high mountain and the possibility of its multiple hiking trails, and sleeping in different refuges (we recommend booking in advance).

Good Luck!

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