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2,000 years ago the city of Pompeii, in the Gulf of Naples (southern Italy), was being rebuilt after being hit by an earthquake. Pompeii was a Roman city where many people enjoyed their second home in the first century BC. But on August 24, 1979 AD, Vesuvius erupted and devastated by lava and ash across the area south of the Gulf of Naples, including the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The Roman city of Pompeii

Photography by melenama

In the eighteenth century found the city of Pompeii was buried under meters of lava and earth, and work began to “rescue” the city of burial under which it took more than 1,500 years. Today, Pompeii is one of the biggest attractions in southern Italy, as it allows visitors to stroll the streets, visit the houses with many of the frescoes still intact, see the Roman Forum, the shops, the brothel or the gym it was a Roman town 2,000 years ago.

Login to the site of Pompeii is a cost of 11 €, and the ideal is to have the whole day ahead to enjoy walking and discovering how people lived in the city. Free maps are available that explain in detail the places to visit, though there is the possibility of purchasing more detailed guidance, or better maps. You can also rent an audio guide, or request a guide to accompany us.

Here we list a number of places you can not miss if you visit Pompeii:

The amphitheater can mentally recreate how they should be the shows of gladiators in Pompeii. In this arena was where Pink Floyd recorded the album Live at Pompeii.

The large theater is a great Hellenistic-style theater and rebuilt by the Romans, built on a hill that allowed excellent acoustics and had room for 5,000 people.

The Roman Forum is the square in the center of Pompeii, and was where you could enter the Basilica, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Apollo, the market and baths.


Photography by jbarreiros

The brothel or bordello, is one of the highlights of Pompeii, with erotic frescoes showing various sexual positions, in each of the rooms inside the small cabin.

The House of the Faun, is one of the most luxurious houses of Pompeii. The Villa of Mysteries, is a large village which is just outside the town of the city of Pompeii, but it’s spectacular beauty of its frescoes and apparently had the luxuries.

Remember that there is still a third of the city to be excavated, therefore, archaeologists continue to discover more of Pompeii 2,000 years ago are buried, and that in the near future we will see.


To get to Pompeii from Naples can be done by train or bus. Prices are similar and the times too, although the bus does not go directly to the ruins, and the railway station is perhaps a little closer. From Sorrento you can reach by train.

Pompeii from Naples can be done by train or bus

Photography by Seth W.

For lunch, we recommend you bring you food and drink bottled water. The only places where you can buy food are a tourist restaurantes on the outskirts of the ruins, and the cafeteria of the ruins, which is pretty poor and expensive and with a schedule fairly small (although air conditioning is welcome.)

Suggest you wear comfortable shoes for walking the streets of Pompeii, and a hat for protection from sunlight, because the city is almost no shade.

Good Luck!

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