Discover the legendary Amritsar

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Amritsar is located in the northwestern region of Punjab, a prolific green valley surrounded by rice fields, and in which not long ago was rampant the Maharajas, extending his glittering reign to beyond present-day Pakistan, where today in a small artificial village that serves as called Attari border.


Photography by s_w_ellis

The Golden Temple:

India is a country that never ceases to amaze. In the least expected corner of this country is Amritsar, which is hardly frequented by Western tourism, but where the traveler can find an artistic jewel as impressive as the Golden Temple or (Golden Temple – named after speaking tourists English), this is a palace that represents the ultimate symbol of Sikhism in India, architecture is a mixture of Islamic and Hindu, can be seen in a great building that will leave you breathless, this job is no less than 750 kilograms of gold since the reign of Maharaja Anjit Singh.

The legendary Amritsar

Photography by voobie

Many who have seen the palace have said they can not be compared to anything known, its unique beauty is unique to say the least, and perhaps not even reach into words. Once inside, you can attend to people praying at nine o’clock and even sentences stretch into the evening. Ideally, this palace shooting day and appreciate the decision at its maximum brightness of the sun shining with the reflection of the golden dome of the palace. During the day, gold shines under the scorching August sun, dwarfing everything around it and leaving only room for blue sky and the lake and as the sole protagonist of the spectacular golden palace. At night, light from the nearly full moon enhances your silhouette becomes majestic and unique star in the sky. Meanwhile, around him, thousands of faithful who do not stop parade and a procession around the lake to reach the main altar, the other side of the runway Parkarma (Gurus Bridge) that connects it to the temple in which four priests recite without pause the reading of sacred texts Sikhs, while a great PA is responsible for play in the rest of the site for all those present.

Discover the legendary Amritsar

Photography by vineet_timble

It is curious to know that the place can have up to eight different religions in India, is also curious to see the misery and poverty bathed in splendor and luxury ornamental in every corner of the country. The worship of cows and deities is done with hundreds of offerings, while thousands of human corpses wander through streets where they infest and foul breath is all that is human misery in its pure state.

The contrast of architecture in India is awesome and can not be the best way I know to be present and contemplate the beauty displayed in this Asian country.

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