Destination of the monarch butterfly in the forests of the Sierra Madre

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Monarca por Arantxata.

Monarch butterflies leave each year, Canadian forests in winter time along their migration routes in search of warmer places in the forests of the Sierra Madre in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

How come?
From the capital Mexico City Angangueo can reach from the bus terminal Poninente (Metro Center). The fare is $ 22.
Less than four hours drive from Mexico City, the green forests of the Sierra Madre in eastern Michoacan state.
Ecological Tourism in Michoacán:
The tourists come every year to these shrines of butterflies, which are full of tourists going to see bunches of butterflies are in the trees and enjoy the unique beauty of these butterflies after their journey of 4,500 miles, you must be very respectful of the fragile ecosystem.

One route dizzy, leads to the town of Angangueo, people who make the valley leading to the butterfly wings in orange and black strong, and feels privileged to receive every year millions of butterflies that choose to Oyamel forests offer this incredible natural spectacle in the country of the monarch butterfly
The monarch begins in late August and early September and their migration from Canada to South America, and up to active overwintering sites in Mexico in early November. However, the sanctuaries, were named to the areas where they live during the winter, open to the public later that month.

Butterflies are often known for its sporadic and fleeting appearances forecast to twenty four hours of life. However, the monarch, the architect of the largest migration in the animal kingdom, runs an arduous journey of nearly three months over 4500 miles away, according to their weight and size for a human equivalent to two times the separation between Earth and the Sun

With the arrival of spring, the butterflies get their reproductive capacity and begin their mating. Nuptial flights can be observed in copulation than males hold the female’s wings with his front legs while flying. However, new insects will be born in the southern United States when his parents return.

In late March the Monarch Butterfly Festival takes place in all villages with access to sanctuaries. During this week there are forums, open lectures, plays, and finally the conference, scenarios are mounted in places where local bands to dance the entire village.

The Biosphere Reserve, a federally protected area, nominated as a World Heritage Site, covers some 50,180 hectares across two states. There are several shrines to visit, but the most impressive are the El Rosario and Sierra de Chincua.

Tours in the Sierra Madre (Michoacán):
We must have a full day to explore each and expect that the sky is clear. It is advisable to avoid the weekends, not to get crowds of tourists between the insect frightened by the hubbub.

The night before is necessary to find out the departure times of tourist vans or bus within the city to keep out the midday, and that the best time to spot this insect is disturbed between 11 am and 3 pm. This is because butterflies fly to find the sun’s rays. When the sky clouds over, come together one above the other in clusters, hanging from the trees to better harness the heat.
After the walk we hope to return to the foot of the hill stations ejidatarios: the commons is an organization of which it has enjoyed the land ceded by the government. In these backgrounds made of simple wood and warm, artisans and cooks meats and sell their creations to tourists. This does not stop eating some tasty quesadillas and mole, and take some refreshments in the sun at dusk over the inn in Dona Lola.

In Angangueo every Monday is organized flea markets, artisans and day traders setting up their posts in the street and the locals make purchases of the week. For the tourist, is the best time to buy crafts from pottery, traditional embroidery, ponchos ( “scrubs”) and try to step exotic fruits, cheeses, smoked meats and cactus, another interesting trip: visit the colonial peoples that spread by eastern Michoacan. As a first recommendation, one hour by car, there is the “magic people” of Tlalpujahua; the “magical people” get its name over time preserve the colonial architectural features.

Tlalpujahua is the town that caters to the world of Christmas spheres made with the craftsmanship of glass blowing. The factories are open to the public and is beautiful to see how workers blow the areas one by one, to give its final form.

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