Cycle Route in Barcelona

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If you have not ever visited Barcelona, biking love you and if you already know, view it on two wheels will offer a fresh perspective and a very different kind of mobility.

The bicycle lanes in Barcelona

Photography by notarivs

The good weather in Barcelona encouraged to enjoy the city on the street. We have many options one of them is the Puente de Todos los Santos. To do this we propose a route to make a broad sweep, through the hot spots and resort strip of sea.

We leave the Ciutadella Park, a green and clear of the city. If we turn to the Gothic quarter can not pass up the chance to go for the Palau de la Musica Catalana, a modernist building very representative and interesting. Following our bike path, go down Via Laietana and came to the Cathedral. From this point, we are on the Gothic up to the Plaza Reial, where you can enjoy historic streets move you to another era. In the Gothic Quarter and a tribute we can give to stop for sustenance at one of the many bars in the neighborhood.

From here, cross the Ramblas and going straight to the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona). We are in the heart of the Raval, from there we can take a stroll through the neighborhood, up to the Rambla del Raval and then down to Columbus.

Here begins the sea route from a rail that runs throughout the ride. You can reach the beach, harbor, or the Olympic Village and stop and rest, enjoy the views or replace forces throughout the ride.

Route in Barcelona

Photography by cdamian


- You can enjoy the city, food, buildings and the sea breeze.
- Do not degrade.
- Avoid the crowds in the metro.
- You will have a totally different city.
- You can make your journey through the lanes designated for bicycles.
- You will travel longer distances to walk.


The bicycle lanes in Barcelona cover important streets and avenues, but never enough and often cyclists must travel on the sidewalk or driveway, so we must always be aware of traffic and signals. To avoid shocks is advisable to be prudent and into line with the traffic in the city is intense and varied, because you have to watch out for cars, but also to the many motorcycles.


Trixi is a tricycle The very striking, resembling a rickshaw or tuk-tuk Asia, but with a more futuristic oval design. Operate primarily in the center, with lines going through the main tourist attractions like the Parc de la Ciutadella, the Forum, Columbus, the Cathedral and the MACBA.


Visitors may be surprised to see the parking Bicing and many people move around the city with the characteristics of red bikes. This is a new project in the city, as an alternative to public transport.

The spirit of this service is not intended to tourism was born, so that its operation more difficult to use for short, since users need to have a card Bicing requested online and receive at home.

The bicing aspires to become a real alternative for getting around town, with more than 100 stations and 1,500 bicycles in circulation. It works almost all year round attention from Thursday to Sunday.

Cycle Route in Barcelona

Photography by robertcupisz

Bicycle travel is good for health!

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