Curitiba – The Ecological Capital of Brazil

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Curitiba is the capital of Paraná, with a population of approx. of 1,757,904 inhabitants. Curitiba is known for its innovative urban solutions that organizes for its residents and visitors an excellent quality of life and infrastructure of a big city.

Also known as the “Green Capital”, Curitiba, capital of Paraná.

Curitiba is a city with large squares, and huge green areas in the city center, boulevards and streets with flowers.

There are many public parks equipped with barbecue and tracks “Cooper.”
Its average temperature is 17 º C, so you have an ideal climate for tourism. However, being located in the south, summers are pleasant, but the winters more severe.
Characteristics of city:
Curitiba is known as the “green city”, as it contains many parks and wooded parks that protect the coastal sites of the major rivers like the Rio Iguazu and Rio Barigui.

Throughout the city and commonly integrated with the bus terminal, city streets, municipal centers that bring together the points of commerce, municipal departments and public bodies, state and federal services free access Internet and recreational equipment such as playground, soccer and many more entertainment.

In any case, for all its solutions and good urban governance, Curitiba has recently been recommended by the UNESCO as a model city for the reconstruction of cities in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, like any other Brazilian city, Curitiba is still experiencing some social problems, such as the existence of slums around the city and residents of the street. The crime rate, however, remains low compared with other cities the same size.

In the 1990s, the city received the award with the United Nations Environment Program – UNEP United Nations, considered the top prize for the environment in the world. In 2003, the city received the title of Capital of Culture of the Americas by the ACC-ACC.

The high altitude gives the city its own characteristics, such as a colder winter than the other capitals of Brazil, showing an accuracy similar to the winters in some European countries.

How to get there?
Curitiba is 400 km from São Paulo, 300 km to 1400 km from Florianopolis and Brasilia. The modern Alfonso Pena Airport receives flights from around the country. The access road from Sao Paulo to the north, and Florianópolis, in the south, is made by modern highways.


Good government of its mayors has created successful innovation, which are copied around the world. Among them are the wide streets and sidewalks for pedestrians only. The Botanical Garden, for example, offers a panoramic view of the vegetation in different regions. Your stove modern architecture and its gardens became a well cared for postcards of the city.
Calle 24 Hours, with its shops and bars that never close, became a meeting point for people of all ages. For these and many other features, Curitiba is considered one of the cities that have the best quality of life.

And other southern cities, suffered the strong influence of immigrants who arrived at the beginning of last century. Poles, Italians, Germans, Japanese, Syrians and other ethnic groups, together with the descendants of Portuguese, blacks and Indians who lived here, people formed heterogeneous and multi-cultural influences. One of the most traditional is the Santa Happiness, populated by Italians.

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