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Cuenca (Ecuador) by Joerg Zwingli.

Attractions: The city of Cuenca, Cajas National Park, Gualaceo, Chordeleg, Sigsig, the Ruins of Ingapirca north of Cuenca.

Climate: temperate and dry
Temperature: Average 13 º C and 20 º C, at noon 25 º C
Altitude: 2535m the city of Cuenca
Location: Basin is located 441km south of Quito.

Cuenca was founded by the Spaniards on 12 April 1557, close to the establishment of the Inca Tomebamba.

Cuenca is definitely the most charming city of Ecuador and its 350,000 inhabitants is the third largest city in Ecuador.
UNESCO declared Basin Cultural Heritage, for its cobbled streets, beautiful handmade balconies, beautiful gardens and surrounded by rivers Tomebamba, Yanuncay, and Machangara Tarqui.
The colonial past since the days of the Spanish Empire are present in the art of all its churches, convents and religious treasures.
Tourist attractions that can be visited are: The Tabernacle Church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Church and Monastery of El Carmen de Asunción, All Saints Church, Church and Monastery of the concepts, the Central Bank Museum, Museo Remigio Crespo Toral, Museum of American Folk Art (CIDAP), the Conceptas Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Esqueletologia, Museum of Native Cultures.

The ruins of Inga Pirca are 1 hour and 45 minutes from Cuenca, Ingapirca was an administrative and religious center, as well as a strength. The castle includes an extensive archeology, possibly the Temple of the Sun is also a museum here.

Chordeleg by unstruc.

Cajas National Park, is located about 33km northwest of Cuenca, at an altitude of 9000 to 13,000 feet above sea level. This large park is home to herds of mammals such as white deer, bears, cougars, deer of the moor, rabbits, and the Andean Tapir, as well as major species: condor, Caracas, and spectacular Andean Tucán ducks.
The Park also features some Inca archeological sites in the area of Molleturo.

The park also has some archeological sites of the Incas in the area of Molleturo. Gualaceo is well known for their crafts and folklore. Sunday there is a market where you can find piles of blankets handmade called sticks, colored belts, shoes, leather good and much more.

Chordeleg is a good place to buy gold and silver at very reasonable prices.

Sigsig has a beautiful architecture with a picturesque village. In the river of Santa Barbara people washed clothes and nothing in the river.
But whether your preference is the nightlife, Cuenca also offers places where fun, an area of the city which has become a place of amusement is the Night Long Street and Calle Honorato Vásquez, from Avenue to Huayna Capac Market Area August 10, there are bars and nightclubs, where you will enjoy the nightlife, we recommend you do not overdo the alcohol, and be careful not trasnocharse too. Also the area of Avenida Remigio Crespo is a place that invites you to the nightlife with bars, where you can enjoy a pleasant cocktel in a company.

Museum of Modern Art by Nothing But Bonfires.

It’s always good to learn before embarking on the journey, and Cuenca has several information centers and tourist service in the same terminal is an information office of the Chamber of Tourism of Azuay, which will guide you and give you options accommodation according to its economy, also restaurants and places of entertainment, as well as sites to visit. If you arrive by the airport, ask for information about hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers, or if not in the city center is a tourist information office will also guide you ask for ITUR the Municipality of Cuenca, in front of the Park Calderon, and ask for information: maps, maps of the city that is FREE.

Remember to always ask for information from the police or the tourist information centers that exist in Cuenca, do not be surprised by anyone, do not accept help from strangers, because sometimes acted in bad faith.

We hope to have helped somewhat with these recommendations and are encouraged to visit the city of Cuenca, for us and for most tourists the most beautiful city in Ecuador.

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