Cruise Travel: Tips, routes and everything you need to know

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Cruises are the perfect vacation for every taste, relaxing vacation, with family, friends, cultural …
It is a way out of the routine and typical travel delays at airports, long car trips and hotel changes unnecessarily. Entertainment and amusement insured vessels up to 130,000 tons with all kinds of leisure for all ages: theaters, casinos, spa, gym, clubs, nurseries and playrooms for children, activities for teenagers, swimming pools … You can travel the world aboard a great ship and visit exciting places like:

Mediterranean cruise: visited cities such as Barcelona, Athens, Sicily, Rome, Florence … with excursions like visiting the Bardo Museum (Medina, Tunisia), Prehistoric Temples and Marsaxlokk (Malta), Taormina (Sicily), Rome, Nice ( Monaco-Monte Carlo), Monastery of Montserrat (Barcelona) … recommended for Cruises Spanish tourists and output ports that are usually Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga.

Cruise Northern Europe: where you can choose between visiting the renowned Norwegian Fjords or the Baltic Capitals with excursions and visits to the Palace of Christiansborg (Copenhagen), visit Malbork Castle (Gdynia, Poland), Courland Peninsula (Klaipeda, Lithuania) , Medieval City of Tallinn (Tallinn), Cathedrals of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), medieval city of Porvoo (Helsinki) … recommended for cruise tourists seeking tranquility, rest and know great cultural areas.

Cruise the Caribbean: At that visit Aruba, Curacao, Isla Margarita, Grenada, Barbados, Mayreau Island … where you can enjoy the extraordinary and famous Caribbean beaches. Cruise ideal for tourists seeking fun and entertainment. … In addition to river cruises, round the world … (the ship’s crew will provide details of the tours and prices) Some of our cruises may recruit the all-inclusive system in which in addition to food services: breakfast, snacks , lunch, snacks, dinner and midnight buffet, you can enjoy all drinks (including spirits and combined) in all bars, restaurants and boat clubs.

Silja Line passenger car ferry, Helsinki seaside por phototouring.

What does a cruise?
Depends on the company you are contracted travel and cruise arrangements may include accommodation in the cabin hired, maritime transport, all meals, drinks (on All Inclusive), access to the nightclub, theater, casino, and Other leisure facilities of the ship. Depending on the cruise can include shipments by air to the output port. Do not include personal expenses such as excursions, purchases in shops, hairdressers, gratuities, medical services …

What documentation do I need to bring?
All travelers, including children, must have valid passports and visas, vaccination certificates, etc., for countries that require it. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a written and signed permission by parents or guardians, in anticipation that the same may be requested by any authority.
What kind of restaurants will I find?
Depending on the cruise contract may agree to a maître their schedules and preferences of both situation in restaurants. You can choose a more or less formal and decide whether to eat outdoors in the restaurant or the buffet. Normally will be joined at the table with tourists from the same nationality and be served by a waiter with his language.
How can I pay on board?
The payment methods can be onboard card or cash. According to the company with which they travel, the start of the cruise will give you a personalized card that will include all the additional services consumed on the trip. At the end of the cruise will have to pay the total amounts charged on that card, cash or credit card (usually valid for credit card payments on board are American Express, VISA and MasterCard do not accept debit cards or prepaid) . Remember, to pay the amounts in cash must use the existing currency (euro or dollar), being able to use the exchange office on board.

What I have to tip?
Depends on the cruise you make tips are included in the fare, will be optional or not allowed. If they are voluntary on board will indicate how much more appropriate.

Program of the day – itinerary:
Every night you receive in your cabin the next day’s program that brings together the activities may be carried on board, day trips and more appropriate clothing. It is recommended to take it at any time since the program will collect all the ship departure schedules.

Superstar Libra por cprogrammer.

What clothes should I use?
The day’s program will mark the proper attire for every moment. During the excursions we recommend comfortable clothing and shoes. In less formal evening men wearing shirts and trousers (not necessarily labeled) and women in dresses or pantsuits. On formal nights and gala dinner required label, the women wear evening gowns or party and men tuxedo or dress suits.

How do I book excursions?
You can apply for the program of excursions to book your cruise, as is usually prepared in advance or inform on his arrival on board. Usually, the trips tend to be employed on board, except for some special you must book before boarding. Usually the price of the tour includes transportation, guide port (available languages) and the input / tickets needed (meals and drinks are included only where indicated). Some excursions have limited places and others require a minimum number of participants to perform.

Can I book a private cabin?
If travel can only book a private cabin which cost between 80% and 100% depending on the category.

Are there any doctors on board?
On board you will find a team of doctors and nurses available. If you use this service will incur the cost on the boat.

Can I connect with the outside?
There are several ways to contact the outside (depending on the vessel): A mobile phone, 24 hours a day, GSM signal. Satellite Connection: You can call from the cabin by satellite connection. By internet. Traveler’s Guide or Specialist Mediterranean cruises.

Good Travel!

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