Cross Country Skiing – Beginners

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Cross Country Skiing - Beginners

Who has not heard of the enjoyment and benefits of Nordic skiing or backcountry skiing?
In the rest of the world and especially in northern European countries is a well established sport, and Spain is increasing year by year the number of people who practice it. The skiing is an activity that helps us to travel great distances, quickly and lightly.

The skiing will make us not only enjoy the slide when we go down but when flat or when they go up, and he walks through the most beautiful corners of our country. Today there are two styles for the practice of this sport, one is the classic style and the other a freestyle or skating.

Classic Style
The classic style is used by the majority to boot and is the closest thing to the natural form of human displacement. The momentum is produced both by the action of our legs and our arms. This style has different techniques depending on the terrain, we turn to discuss the most commonly used.

Step alternative: It is the fundamental step of the classical style. The drive leg is complemented with the stick the opposite side. Just like when we walk. It is used in soft hills and plains.

Simultaneous Step: The momentum is made only with the upper. Will plant our sticks simultaneously in the snow, our trunk flexed and finally taken up with both arms. It is used in flat and smooth downhill.

Step combo: A combination of the two above, ie at every thrust with one leg is followed by one arm simultaneously.

Folding Step: Used in large opening our ski slopes in V singing and walking uphill.

Freestyle or skating
This is a more rapid and dynamic. The movement is achieved as if we were skating with our legs alternately pushing us and supporting us with arms. This style is chosen especially for skiers.

The most widely used techniques in this style are:

Alternative skating Step: In this step, each pulse corresponds legs opposite each arm. Used on steep inclines.

Step 2-1: It should be a boost both arms simultaneously every two impulses with the legs. Used to medium or high speeds.

Step 1-1: For each pulse corresponds to one ski arms simultaneously. It is used in some steep slopes.

Step alternative: We must open the skis in V and produce an asymmetrical movement by planting poles in the snow you always higher than the other. It is used to steep slopes.

Step skating: The impetus was performed only with the legs. We will use it at high speeds.

In Spain we can practice skiing on the following stations.

Pyrenees Navarro: Abodi and Belagua.


Aragonese Pyrenees: Candanchú, Somport and Llanos del Hospital (Benasque).

Catalan Pyrenees: TAVASCAN, San Joan de Lerma, and Aransa Lles, Guils, Tixent-La Vansa, Bos-Virós and Baqueira-Beret.

Andorra: La Rabassa (SantJuliaLoria)

Sant Julià de Lòria por jqmj.

Central zone: Puerto de Navacerrada, Port soriano Cotos and in Puerto de Santa Ines.

Cantabria: High Campoo.

Andalucia: Puerto de la Ragua.
Nothing, you already have a basis to begin this wonderful sport. Remember also to practice skiing you need a special material, boots, skis, bindings, poles, etc.. For what you must go to a specialty shop where you advise the best way to align correctly.

Good luck to all

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