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In the 60′s of last century the Danish authorities concluded that they had a serious problem in Copenhagen: traffic volume was in the center of the capital was untenable, so he banned the circulation of cars in most of old town, and dropped dramatically speeding on the rest. Also, change the physiognomy of the streets deep, and orient people.

The streets in Copenhagen

Photography by meghantosh

Today, new urban plan that you continue to take thousands and thousands of people that make Copenhagen a city alive and human.

An eccentric urban experiment:

However, the transition was far from simple: the skeptics thought it would be a dismal failure because of the cold Danish climate and fought against the initiative. They believed that would be deserted streets of Copenhagen, and businesses would be ruined. They saw an overwhelming logic to think that not having the Danish street culture of Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy could not function, and the streets would be unused. They were wrong, and although it is still Copenhagen Nordic capital on a cold is the greatest player of the year, there’s nothing else to do the following video to see that the Danish capital is a nicer place to live and visit since he took the initiative and has served as an example to many other cities have imitated later.

People literally take to the streets in Copenhagen when the warm weather arrives, there are almost more bikes than people and businesses are healthier than ever. In addition, many parks have been created and new areas designed to enable people to relate in the streets.

And still being so much more permissive with traffic, cities of southern Europe such as Barcelona is clearly taking the lead in regard to living and sharing the road at any time of day, most of the night and for almost all year.  In Copenhagen the shops close early and products are quite expensive. It’s a good idea to take food from here. It is a good city to see design. They work fine wood and furniture in general. Christiania must see, worth going night and day. You are not allowed to take pictures, but one they can settle for a compact.


Photography by pcambraf

Copenhagen is an impressive city. Superbly maintained, clean streets, emblematic places and friendly people. The city is crossed in the center channels that are suspended on the small bridges that connect both sides, and where are located some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. If visiting in summer you can enjoy the curious “white nights” where the sun sets completely for months.

Tours on the streets of Copenhagen:

First of all it should be noted that both Kompagnistraede and Laederstraede are the same street renamed. That said, its main feature is to be one of the oldest and most fascinating streets of the city of Copenhagen.

Some of the most popular business and fashion accessories are along this street, such as Crème de la Crème to Edgar, selling high quality items for children and mothers, mostly. Designers such as Nansen, Ivana Helsinki and Sonia Rykiel sell their products in these stores.

Away from the clothes, there are shops where to get ceramics, jewelry, china, and particularly in this area highlights the Stilleben store. With exclusive designs belonging to a variety of Danish artists, and foreign owners are both responsible for one of the major furniture collections in the area.

Copenhagen explore the streets

Photography by Lilly Darma

An extensive footpath waiting for the tourist to leave enchanted by the colors, the varied offerings of the shops and the atmosphere between classic and modern, dynamic and lots of people is what we will find when visiting the hidden streets of Copenhagen and Kompagnistraede and Laederstraede in particular. A must for those looking to buy luxury items, or for those who enjoy the beautiful things on display.

Bon voyage!

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