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Parque Tayrona - Paradise por Fred Fraces.

If I had to vote for the most beautiful place in the world, no doubt votes for Tayrona National Park in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Here, among many other things are the most beautiful beaches on the planet. They are not the typical Caribbean beaches, nor the typical beaches of a desert island, the beaches here are very special blend of white snowy mountains, green forest and blue sea who gives more?

Located in the department of Magdalena here is the highest coastal mountain in the world: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on the seafront, whose snowy peaks at nearly 6000 meters high. I guess you are wondering if you can see the beach from the snow, the answer is yes. Just in the highest parts of the hill tribes living as Kogis, and Arsarios Arhuacos, authentic guardians this wonder of the earth.

Tayrona culture had arrived in Colombia and probably overtaken the culture of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas if the conquerors had not been dedicated to annihilate the culture and customs of the inhabitants of this town.

The houses of the Tayrona people por Emily Cunnane.

You’ll find places where the sea waves rise up and rebel where fantastic surf and also where you can enjoy a relaxing bath alone or with family because the sea is calm as a swimming pool. If you like to practice naturism beach there are also those who are not swimming. And if you like diving, dive, because you’ll flip.

If you prefer land to sea, waiting for you here ecological trails and roads full of history that you move to the pre-Columbian era. For example if you are in Arrecife, area restaurants and more prepared for tourists, you can start an hour and a half route that will take you to village. You’ll see ruins of the ancient Tayrona civilization, but before reaching’ve had the good fortune to enjoy and know what the true nature is.

One of the things we want to make sure if you go to this wonderful place, travel to the mysterious Lost City (center of the Tayrona culture, situated 1100 meters above sea level and hidden in thick vegetation). So that is hidden until the year 1976 not found. To have to go hire a guide service. You have two options: on foot or by helicopter. If you decide to walk, think it is a voyage of 7 days: 3 days to arrive, stay for 1 and 3 to return.

Helicopter journey time 20 minutes from the airport of Santa Marta. Before you go now question because the access is restricted by the ecological impact (on foot no problem, it is only by helicopter)

There are cabins to stay, call ecohabs (ecotourism hundred percent, a true example to follow) that have capacity of 4 to 6 people. These cabins are similar to those used as Taironas Indians. There are also camping areas.

For either option you’ll find areas where housing and infrastructure necessary to spend a few days are: Arrecife and Canaveral.

To reach this paradise, you have to do so from Santa Marta. In this Caribbean city, famous for the song Santa Marta train is no tram … but you can arrive by plane because they have and then take a car with which they arrived in about 45 minutes Tayrona.

Beaches, coral reefs, forests, animal species and many more species of flowers still share space with the archaeological ruins of village, home of the Tayrona culture. A tip, do not make pictures to indigenous people without asking permission, they can be disturbed and with good reason.

And … do not know what it costs to choose only a couple of photos of this place, so if you enjoy seeing a lot more time.

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