Christmas festivities in Brazil

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In Brazil, as in most countries, Christmas took on urban aspects of Nordic origin, especially the custom of exchanging gifts. The ancient European tradition in which these gifts were homemade behind, but the origin of Santa Claus, so widespread among all, persists.

The writer Monteiro Lobato in the decade of the 30′s trying to nationalize this symbolism, created the Indus grandfather, then in the’50s, and Camargo Joracy Heckel Tavares, tried the same thing by designing a black character named “Papai João” for replace the figure of Santa Claus. However, neither attempt succeeded flourish: the old white-bearded and black boots, was definitively incorporated to Christmas.

Christmas itself is in its folk around the Mass Gallo, construction mangers and visiting, preparing the tree, dinner and exchanging gifts, especially to children. Also the songs are an important part of Christmas festivities for some families. 31 per night, especially the world famous and spectacular fireworks show that is held at the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, illuminating the sky for more than 15 minutes without ceasing, in addition to performances of music on sand and the mysticism of the impressive Iemanjá Festival, a celebration in which he delivered flowers and other offerings to lemanjá (or Janaína), the main female deities, mother of Xanga, and Iansa Oxóssi considered queen of the waters and siren of the sea.

The wide strip of sand of Copacabana Beach is covered by a compact mass of humanity, music groups and rituals candombe. The sea was dotted with lights all around; some came from the boats, yachts and boats of all kinds and also of large reflectors placed in strategic locations. People of all ages, social classes, religions and cultures come to look to the sky that covers the beauty and brightness of the fireworks that explode in colors and forms, conveying optimism and hope for better days.

Outside the traditional festivities of Christmas and New Year to retain the same characteristics, make the San Silvestre race, one of the traditions of the last day of the year. The first race took place in 1925 and Alfredo Gomes came first among the 48 enrolled, with a time of 23 min. 10s 4/100. The route was 8800 meters. Currently, 10 thousand participants traverse a distance of 15 kilometers.

The Brazilians also a number of very curious superstition in the early hours of New Year, and jumped to three with a glass of champagne in your hand without spilling a drop and then throw back, climb on the right foot on a stool, a stand a chair or as a boost to climb in life, not backwards clothing store, wash the thresholds of the doors with sea salt and water, and sprinkle with holy water the four corners of the house, spreading yellow flowers in the room, and if the first visit of the day January 1 is a man, will bring happiness for the whole year.

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