Chile, the north and the highlands

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Protected by the Andes and we might even say that, behind them, is Chile. This is a country full of magic and legends, wild and stunning landscape, where fire and ice are joining hands to mold the character of fresh and innocent people. Chile lies in a snow-capped volcanoes gift of nature lovers for authenticity.

Atacama is a region remarkable for its beauty, its geographical location and diversity of nature and cultures. Has Andean peaks, volcanoes, salt flats, geysers, mysterious petroglyphs, pre-Columbian ruins and endless natural scenery that even NASA has used to test robots designed to explore other planets. Chileans call this simply “El Norte Grande.

Northern Chilean Altiplano and settled near the borders of Peru and Bolivia. The most impressive view of the area discovered a oteando among snowcapped volcanoes and bizarre desert. There, hidden behind the mountains, are curious rock formations and endless salt lakes that are confused with snow in the vast desert land. In the same region, visitors can encounter such diverse elements as incredible hot springs that rise up to touch the sky or adobe churches still standing right where they were built when the first Spanish usurped the indigenous territory. All this without forgetting the tremendous diversity and rare mix of wildlife: alpacas, llamas, guanacos, armadillos, wild ducks and hundreds of other species of birds.

But northern Chile is not just mountains. Simply approach the Iquique city, the geoglyphs (figures built on the slopes of the hills or plains) and the Oasis of Pica, to see the difference. The warm beaches and the free port have a vital local economy, but perhaps most interesting of Iquique is traced to its origins. Hispanic clubs historic wall paintings remain as testimony of Don Quixote of the Chilean cultural inheritance. In fact, geoglyphs painted by the surroundings, make this area the most important archaeologically speaking of Northern Chile.

But of course, is San Pedro de Atacama town more appealing not only to visitors but also to its own children. It must be terrible for their history and their proximity to many natural geographical wonders, including the geysers Tatio and Valley of the Moon. Fortunately San Pedro remains unchanged with its dusty streets and carefree, which is unaffected by the steady flow of travelers and foreigners who come to experience life in the Chilean desert.

At the epicenter of all the magic shows that this country is its capital, Santiago de Chile, one of the most ancient and modern Latin America. The real heart of this city is the Plaza de Armas, which extends the Alameda five blocks south of the river Mapuche. The European legacy is the only Forest Park, designed the model of Parisian parks. But Santiago is also the center of a region full of attractions and plenty of things to do.
Only forty miles are the best ski slopes in South America and north, the most beautiful beaches that can be imagined.

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